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Was it the fire between my thighs

that scorched the ground?

Or the tears from my eyes

that salted the earth?


Do the sounds of my cries

linger on the wind?

Could you feel my hope as it dies

and rots the lives around it?


I am death

I'm coming for you

until all that surrounds you is dust and ash

Do you still think you are innocent?

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deathinner strengthrevengevengence

The Turning Of The Tide

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The Turning Of The Tide


… and the ocean’s spoke

in a voice of wrath and anger

that sounded like dark pebbles

rolling towards the shore

in a blood red tide,

‘You have given us your detritus

and so we return yours’.

And their tone

was accusatory,

and their vengeance swift…


It started on a sunny day

with naked bodies basking

in warm August sun.



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day 13destruction of oceansmysteriousNaPoWrirMo 2019plastic pollutionrevengespooky

Rave On...

An unhealthy obsession

The sombre procession

As loved ones carry your coffin

I think of it often

And never forgotten

Your lies and later confession

I long for the day I can finally say

Here’s a glow stick and whistle

To your grieving widow

And hold a rave on your grave

I’m gonna hold a rave on your grave

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Be better he said

He is sad, he is hurting


No one ever told him he was wrong. 

Spoilt and arrogant, 

He had become. 


Behaviour always accepted. 

A love for himself, 

he always expected perfection, 

Nothing else.


It’s not his fault. He knew something was wrong, 

an angel he searched for, an angel he won. 

Another win, at his feet, treated her with deceit. 



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How Do I Stop Thinking Of Him?

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{How Do I Stop Thinking Of Him?}




How do I stop thinking about him because it's been made clear he sure as hell ain't thinking about me 



I honestly don't get it am I that bad of person that he does me this way 



Please tell me is it me or did you not understand my rare brain disease and the side effects of it or did you simply find it amusing to fuck my li...

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hating himhurtlivingmad lovemadnessOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpissed offpoemspoetryrevengeshaman drumsTina Gloverwriting

Back to square one

That ethnic group,
A tyrant,
Was not a democrat!

On our right
For long it had
Indifferently squat,
Our throat, mercilessly it
Was about to cut.

Now scenario's reversed
The rein of power
We have gripped,
Democracy we have introduced!

To the follies
It made in its heyday
It has to pay
Come on,on it
Swing a stone
The dark days have gone!

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African democracyrevenge

love like a bullet in the face

you are ticking the subscription of a shotgun smile

the restless reminder, the stranger behind you,

twice barrelled quarantine of lush glories

tar fingered around the ringed copper, broken and unworthy,

smoking in the buttoned up knowledge of hereditary tracts,

winter tracks and the plastic penance of a youthful slaver

“x” shan't mark the spot where we shall bury you

a shallow...

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Hex contains swearing

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This genie spell hex you put on me will kill me.

I want to die.

I'm sick of the anxiety and shit you cause me, in my head all the time.

Why did you magically bind me to you?

We belong together? Horse shit!

You belong in the bottom block.

You're nuts and drive me insane.

I must end my life and get away from you. Permanently.

I borrowed my mate's pistol. He's a dealer...

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been hexeddangerous womanpeoplerevengespellsurvival



The lady was a goddess in her looks and demeanor. Very beautiful in every way. From the way she swayed her hips to her seductive smile to fluttering her eyelids. It was what wasn’t said that got men’s attention but the hidden and unseen, images placed in their minds eye. Only one man was lucky to own her heart. For a long time they were happy. Then he fucked it up big time. They ha...

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domesticfightgoddessman and womanrevenge





Mother Nature screams in utter rage, a voice as loud as thunder and death and one Man can’t hear himself; yet he knows something is wrong – this is because he has ruined and taken and not given a damn, raping the world, His world and not caring one bit.

So She is concerned and now She acts in the only way that will get results – 

devastatingly so.

A n...

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deathmankind's selfishnessmother natureplanetrevenge





My revenge for you flows swift and quick thru my veins.

I won’t stop till you are caught in my magic spider’s web.

Your lies will stop, be reversed, no harm done.

Truth be told to remove your harmful ways of slandering

others and targeting me. Because I’m engaged to your ex-girlfriend

you don’t like it. Your jealousy drives you on to do your deeds,


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engagedfucking his bird loljilted boyfriendloverevenge

A dish served cold

A dish served cold


It was a dirty old day, just a stop on the way

In the sleet and the fog and the rain,

Jams and diversions and unplanned excursions

And drivers with speed on the brain.

When well before noon in the old greasy spoon

Somewhere just off the M one,

(It had seen better days with a jukebox that plays

old ballads from artists long gone.)

In the corner sat Fred, with his cap...

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