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What would say William Blake if he saw this world post-revolution?

What would he say if he had been witness of the greatest cataclysm of

human heart?

What would he think about universalization when his gaze turned to

New America?

Can its spirit be dumb?


He  wrote an answer in the form of a lullaby.

However he was that which wanted to open the eyes of the world,

to wake up us  on shores of Golgonooza.

He  seen audacity of youth against crawling corruption.

He was in hope in front of the French revolution that he describes

through his songs of experience.


But, sung he that the Revolution is just usefull to shed blood.


Who can answer at the throne of God?

Who will carry his opprobrium?

If it's not Him, if it's not his words,

then which will take poetry as an ultimate weapon to fight the

Corruption of the snakes?


Yesterday, I saw his spirit to kneel close near the ravaged hope of the

People of Spain and of Greece.

today, I see him close to the tomb of the tears of the people of Syria

And Sudan.

He would sing his songs of innocence when the guns of the war and the tears howl the belly of the men?


under the eyes of the tiger

The Canadian is fighting too for his Freedom.


" For a voice like thunder, and a tongue

To drown the throat of war! "

who can answer at the throne of God?

Who will carry his opprobrium?



By which vision of Absolute, Can man find his original fatherland?

Return in the womb of the Heavenly Jerusalem,

where Albion is One, a holistic unit.

Return to innocence, return to the paradise before the loss, the fall

through the black hole.



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