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A Marriage of Ghosts

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A Marriage Of Ghosts


Something old; crumbling bones.

Something new; innocent youth.

Something borrowed; parental beliefs.

A bride forever blue.


Flesh bound to ash and bone.

A knot ties the living and dead.

Union of child and corpse, rotting.

Protection from cursed health and poverty.


Escaping abandonment, in a death shed,

destined by ancestral expectati...

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Go read some logarithms

or spot some classic trains,

better yet ingest a pint 

of what they use to clean the drains.


You can’t do this,

you can’t do that

your rules are born in spaces,

bereft of any progress

outside your minds embraces.


Such twee protected groupings

litter the recent past,

they proliferate like lemmings

and fall as bloody fast.



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something i must hide

Breasts are something to be ashamed of, something to hide,
Yet something that a kid will suck on just to stay alive!
Something everyone once depended on once in their life
Yet something evil, something I must hide
A man's nipples are useless and yet just fine
The woman's are lewd tho to a hungry baby divine

To wear one layer of clothing!
A sin God forbid despite the sweltering heat
The s...

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