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In Her Shoes

First of all I am apologetic for injecting too much of self into someone's principled privacy. It pained me to an extent yesterday after I read the response that she lose herself sometimes when she read the poetic lines that heap praise on the persona she is bestowed upon. While I was feeling little remorseful on the entire account, I had a realm of thoughts and I couldn’t hold back myself and the...

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Conceded Reality







Few moments desolate

often get you to think


How the twist of events

push you over the brink


Streaks of fleeting joy

abruptly come to end


Sans even little caution

or time to comprehend


Just split of a moment

it hits one ever so hard


Striking at susceptibility

when entirely off guard


Once past the insta...

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Bespoke Monotony


Jaded lasting tedium

beset with gloomy cape


More I try ridding off

seems stuck at nape


Tattered and misshapen

the vilely kind of garb


Root cause for despair

inviting many a barb


Donned inadvertently

as cover up sort drape


From all harsh realities

 when I sought escape


Ever since it stayed on

not even once removed



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Despairlosspoignancyreflectionremorserue regret

Once in every while

Once in every while

Posted by Wytchewoode on August 19, 2010 at 11:43am View My JotPad at JotSpeak.com


it was so nice to talk to you last night,
I need to hear your smile,
so tender, sweet and light,
not so very often
but once in every while.

once I said 'I'm your man'
you replied how you wishe...

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