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Flanders Field

Marching on together through the fire and the flame, Sent to war as boys, but they became men this day,
Heroes of a nation, who would have knew
That they risked their lives for everyone, valiant and true.   The darkness of the battlefield, will blind them all their lives
The images that they have seen shall remain upon their minds
Yet in this hour of war, they sheltered us with their ...

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A soldier stands among the crowds, No longer strong, no longer proud,
He risked his life for the country he loved, For those he cherished for all of us.   He went to war, and he fought hard, His body bruised his memory scarred,
Now his rights have gone away, He lives alone, uncared for, abused every day.   He was lucky in some respects, He made it home, he survives yet...

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Little Jimmy

  Little Jimmy wasn't at school today, instead he remained at home, All his friends have gone away and he's left all on his own, Why did the world turn its back on him, what did he do so wrong, He closes his eyes and dreams a while of a place he can belong.   Now people say that home is where the heart is, but not in Jimmy's case, Another punch or kick waits for him, that he w...

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Two Lost Souls

Two lost souls in the darkness
Guided by the faintest of light
Though the world casts its shadows
They kept their dreams alive.   People stop and judge them
For what I just don't know
But they keep travelling on
Though they've got no place to go.   Love brought them together
Pain has torn them apart
Just two lost souls in the darkness
Joined together through a broken heart. ...

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LoveBroken HeartLost Souls

Poverty In The UK


From the lamplight of the factories, to the smoke and endless fumes
The workers toiled from dawn till dusk on ever spinning looms,
Ne'er did these places hear the sound of each bitter tear cried,
These were the places where some were born and just as many died.   The workhouses and squats of Victoria's kingdom fare,
Never saw many smiles, although many memories formed there,

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Industrial BritainPovertyVictorianFactories

Losing Faith

Falling from the grace of God, not really caring where my faith has gone, Lost my way upon this road, like so many times before if the truth be told
Send away my sweet caress, bring me nights of guiltiness,
Break my heart and break my bones, this is the only way I've known.   I fade to grey so suddenly, not half the man that I used to be, The peace in my heart has gone, I wonder whic...

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AbsyntheHellGuiltPleasureAnthony Kasazkaja

Depression Is A Killer

Do you ever feel like you could just scream for eternity
Every thought you cast upon yourself contains pure negativity
People wonder how you can feel so low, but they don’t know,
Reality to you is completely different to that in which they live
Every night you go to bed, you wish that it would be the last
So many sleepless nights you’re plagued by insomnia,
Suicidal tendencies play upon your...

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DepressionAnthony Kasazkaja

The Ghost Train

Down in the subway in the middle of the night, I hear a train approaching giving me a fright, For no train is scheduled this line has been closed for years, As the train grinds to a halt at the platform, it confirms my fears.   For this is the ghost train and its heading straight for hell, I hear the whistle blow and the signal man yell “All aboard! Its time to go our journeys...

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TrainGhostGhost TrainSpirits

Growing Old Disgracefully

When I grow old I don’t want to be the typical idea of elderly,
I want to grow old disgracefully and drive all my carers crazy,
I’ll swing from the chandeliers, I’ll overfill the bath,
Then blame it on my dementia whilst I stand there and laugh.   I want to climb the rafters and play hide and seek,
I never want my bones to grow old, frail and weak,
I want to make the children laugh and ...

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Growing OldOld AgeGeriatricAnthony Kasazkaja

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