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Book out now!... or you could just read them on here lol!

I hope you don't mind, but I've Shamelessly used some of the comments I've recieved here on WOL & named some of you in both the books description & Acknowledgement. Just let me know if you would rather it be removed! 

Thanks for inspiring me to complete it!

Here's the link, if you're interested 😄

The Darkness and The Light

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The darkness and the lightbookkindlepaperback


I read her mind

she's like a book

no chapter worth a second look


my life-sentence

jailed on a page

brackets bar this printed cage


her musings pour

bound by rude glue

she rarely takes you anywhere new


she intends to

edit me out

I'm two two-dimensional; I cannot shout


other fellows

fill the pages

to supplement her bulging wages



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New book of poetry

Christian Faith Publishing is going to publish my third book of poetry this year.

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Already Written


The aged book filled with leaves turns to unveil a man, Atlas-like – bowed, broken, & torture racked on a wooden frame. In the book, crushed down and up again.

Millions say the words live. Entertain, and watch stony hearts become flesh. Others blame. And this way, remain the same: habitations of corpses. Who, rather than listen, rage. Saying the book’s aim is insane. Thus, death’s reign is...

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bookcosmologypoetwritten words

The Chapters I Remember

The book lies closed now

Gathering dust on a shelf

I look, but do not touch

That reminder of yourself


Better to imagine our life

Dream of better times

Envisage your lovely face

Hum your happy rhymes


Shady bluebells in spring

Red leaves in November

Bonfires and sparklers

The chapters I remember


More novella than novel

Not near enough pages

A ...

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An empty bookshop
breaks my heart

It´s a piece of candy
in a wrinkled hand
with no grandkids in sight

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Happy World Book Day

Books can make you smile ,

Books can make you cry ,

Books can heal your mind ,

Books can make you kind ,

Books are your life light ,

Books encourage you to fight ,

Books will make you smart ,

Books will never break your heart .

Happy international book day .

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A Book by Fatima Diop

A Book.

by Fatima Diop 

A book to me is a golden door

A door I have never entered before

It feels like I have just set foot in Neverland

Joylessly I read to many books I got banned


A book to me is a crazy place to be

I can be in the Bikini Bottom under the sea

I have realized that this book is taking me outer space

So I decided to stop reading just in case

My mot...

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She Defeated Death

She Defeated Death

She should have left the city when the chance was there.                                                                                       
Before the Nazis came, closing the noose.                                                                                                      
She has so many regrets, except on her actions.                                         ...

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Time and Windows

This poem is a reverie and contemplation of my mother.

Time and Windows

If the past is a tattered old book,

then why am I a ghost

at my mother's window,

so clear I can sense her mystery,

and her brown eyes, so alive?


Look, I can fly to her

through the high windows

of my memory

until I'm so close that she disappears,

and the curtain flutters silently.



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A Book of Hours


This poem came to me after a visit to London, where I was thunderstruck by the  scale and beauty of the restored Reading Room at the British Museum. I was also wrestling with Existentialism at the time.



A Book of Hours


There was Time when its Arrow

flowed like a ticking clock


as it carved the future from the past

like a blind sculptor in one dimension



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BookTimehoursBritish Museumfree

'Realisations' - available to buy now!

Hi all,

I have just released my third ebook 'Realisations' - a year after my debut ebook 'Open to interpretation' and it's subsequent second edition. It is available to buy now on Lulu via this link:

A brief preview is available for all three of my books on the website itself. Please buy a copy now and support ...

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Christian ReevePoetryEbookPoemsPoemPoetbooknewwriter

My first poetry book!

My first poetry book has just been published and is available to purchase as an Ebook at the following link!:

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New bookbookOpen to Interpretation

But I! Neither a product of love nor pleasure

The collection of Frida Narin's poems are not a nostalgic work; the past is not in the habit of painting romantic pictures. The boarders in Narins poems, from north to south and from east to west, are not lines separating humanity. The flags in the collection of Narins poems are not raised to separate the people of the earth from one another. These flags must be sown to create a carpet for childre...

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He whispers in my ear,

With words contrived to change opinion.

Long, spindles of fingers,

Reach into my brain,



The shocks of his sorcery.

He tells his story, with whispered murmurs,

Using the language of his creator.

He surpasses,

Goes beyond expectation, 'til at last his spell is woven,

And the memory of his touch,

Leaves me yearning,


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New Collection Available

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poetrynew collectionbook




What is it like to be jailed for writing songs?

What is it like to be locked up for having an opinion?

What is it like to want freedom and say you want it?

What is it like to actually do something about it, your lust for freedom?

What is it like to stand up for your opinions and be jailed?

For four and six years.

In some cases, a dozen.

What is like...

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