So do you still remember me across the tumbled years

Far off thoughts from far away places

Memories fading the pictures of our love

Do you ever think of me the way I do you

Of knowing stares and smiles and eyes that glitter

With no need for words as the loving thoughts just flitter

Warmth from head to heart, from heart to soul, into the bone

Do our thoughts bounce and join across these cosmic skies

Such a distance now, so far apart

Streaming long remembered laughter and smiles and sighs

I see you, visit you, not always, but some times

Too hard, too painful, too much of a loss

Seeing but not feeling you, touching you, too much

But maybe not remembered, maybe forgot, long gone

How long have I been gone, too long

Will I still visit, always

Will I give you a sign, never

Will I be remembered, maybe, with a ghost of an occasional smile


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Sun 16th Jun 2019 04:35

Beautiful ?

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