Aquatic Stardust - a freewrite

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Aquarian Aquarius,
everyone be hearing us.
What an exciting life you lead,
cosmic superhuman centipede.
I’m Centric G pause for the D:
ejaculating antiquating - even thoughts dilapidated.
You should go through twice
extinguish anguish from your life
cosmic zombie souls are sliced.
Universal detoxification 
electrocuting nation-notions
rubbing Atlas, struggled rolling
infinitesimal scrolling.
on an overlooped repeat
of every idea we can infernally excrete.
Firing Hades, 
call me maybe? 
Rae Jepsen with Jetsons,
Bicurious George sliced through Jetsam 
and Flotsam shall blossom
from all the things we’ve forgotten
from top to the bottom.
Queefing lies from the Metrix,
while I’m high watching Netlix.
Separate one from the Zero
sublet from Herculean heroes.
What is a God
and what is a Terry Flap?
Pterodactyl tearing tracks up,
Buzz light the Zoot
cos Andy’s next - Zucc
everyone and Zucc
everything like Jon Lajoie,
knowing nothing
bout the beginning 
of True Runes being.
and I’m back from the dead
like Gremio, screaming out your stereo.
Luc’s Wind Rune stayed true forever though,
cos what else could you ever know?
How can you judge war
as a spiritual non-combatant yo? 
I loved them games,
and I live for kills:
but FPS games I’m bereft of skills. 
But both has to be a concept
as consoles land a suplex
and it’s wrestling in vests,
all’s a work 
but the next
choice that you step
onto the world...
‘s Cosmic Justice
staged courts are a must in
- for all life to be bustling
or else sociologically combusting
from universal abundance
of choice to be trusted
enacted, with more sting than a buzz kill.
Honey-looping through custard,
Tubby chasing through Worcester-
Shire dressed as Hobbits
all addicted to Bop Its.
Slap it and twisted,
got more logs than Limp Bizkit
eating TESCO’s own biscuits
through Brexit Gnomes excess
into a Noseybonk Nexus.
But it’s ok to have no thrills,
that’s your choice:
I took both pills
now I’m stuck in the MATRIX,
aware of the reality yet struggling to shake it.
Lucid dream wake this,
as Shakespeareans shake fists
into another timeline
_ every choice has 3 lifetimes.
So no need to be rushing,
Take your time and press buttons;
like Sheen,
on the Wayback Machine.
Your intellect will intersect
where internet can search for skets
but that ain’t for me;
ain’t nobody tainting thee
stay peeled as thine’s potating thee.
Freestyle over gotta go,
man’s soul eternal flows
resurrecting from infernal blows
is the only way this world can flow,
I be feeling wilful yo
but nonetheless I gots to go
before I’m smarting,
bury me a G R R Martin
against any punkass pirates starting.
Make your own choice,
Ushiku is yours
- the gift from God
is a gift to from all worlds.
So caio, chai betta
stop me before I start to get clever
I’ll resuit for reshoots
as reality reloops.
Good music comes from people who are relaxed
so I shall unfurl these eclipses,
Extract S from ellipi
... hell if I know,
one from t’other
roll up for galactic snuggles
blepping puggles
underneath covers of cuddles.
So now I’ll finally Skadoodle
turn your dicks into noodles,
light up the room like you're Paddy the Yoodle.

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