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Oh my God!

Warning: The following ‘Rap’ (As Raps often do) or slam, maybe considered Blasphemous and contains profanity, adult content and strongly held religious beliefs some will find irreligious.

If any of the above offends you please just cross the road avert your gaze and pass on by.


In my head, I hear this as a rap or slammed, recited quickly without stopping! Any musicians out there who can...

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Christmas Rap

I’m sure you can tell I’m

Part of the hip-hop community

So I take every opportunity

To spit rhymes like a hot tap

Gushing cheer in a Christmas rap.

When the weather is cold,

When the weather is hot

My generosity never stops.

I keep giving without a pause.

They should call me Santa Claus.

What? Don ‘t know who I’m talking about?

Then you can give Father Christmas a ...

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Aquatic Stardust - a freewrite

entry picture

Aquarian Aquarius,
everyone be hearing us.
What an exciting life you lead,
cosmic superhuman centipede.
I’m Centric G pause for the D:
ejaculating antiquating - even thoughts dilapidated.
You should go through twice
extinguish anguish from your life
cosmic zombie souls are sliced.
Universal detoxification 
electrocuting nation-notions
rubbing Atlas, struggled rolling
infinitesimal scro...

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Panic in the Paddock

You deserve this break, having been up since even the early-bird was still in bed,

Even awake while the stars were still high in the sky

And the moon bathed the grass with its pale white eye.

Moving these animals from their sleeping state,

Off of their beds doubling as dinner plates, doubling as dinner-

Their begrudging moans loud as they leave this place of rest to go to work,


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Beat to my own drum - NaPoWriMo Day 5


Saint Stephen's tale

It's Friday, sweets from Mrs Smith

Degeneration X and anarchy

Frankie's words: two tables, four chairs, suspension.

Discovered passing the buck, and thus passed it.

Stole the show with Twenty-one Questions, four dancers, and a singer.

First girlfriend changed everything, "You're young, she has baggage - get rid..." … did...

A place...

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How to make speed


For this experiment you will need… Regular table salt, household ammonia with a high percentage of commercial nitrogen, one pint of methanol, talcum powder, muriatic acid, Vicks Nasal Inhalers, and a well ventilated room. Do not be fooled into thinking that this method is 100% safe, as it will probably kill you…


Take your scissors to your nasal spray,

Pray for a lazy day,


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Just some diss rap.


I’m gonna stab you,

Whisper in some ears, hand out some knives,

Give fuel for the fire & have all these kids jab you,

Body bag you, blood on my hands slippin’ while I’m tryin’a drag you,

Tag you, cause you’re next in line,

Don’t drop names cause I’m too into mine,

Give focus, guess who’s broken,

Lose my consciousness, I’m outspoken,

Shifted a pint of ether,...

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In for me.


In for me, in for me, they’ve all got it in for me,

Paranoia in the brain in its infancy,

Brilliantly mobility impaired but only artificially,

Additionally, my imagery is blissfully in symmetry,

Vividly and visually, auditory tripping differently,

I hear a symphony from my state of captivity,

Dismally waiting to hand over my dignity,

Efficiently falling but I’m...

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I wasn't dead,

just never alive

Turner Prize

gold medal

all for a dive.


A dyspraxic in a speedboat

as I struggled to swim

in shark infested waters

but I won't let them win.


The rewards of success

for creating a mess

an unmade bed

for an economy's left.


People can study

and some even praise

others are starstruck


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OpenMind: Slamming September Poster

entry picture

Take a look at the poster for our OpenMind: Slamming September event at Fuel on Monday 24th September.



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Carrier Waves

waves of static,
from solid state to your logic gate
as the wavelength bleeds
can you hear me breathe?

Can you hear me
do you recieve
my static presence
on your frequency
slowly erased by radio waves
I'll never die, just steadily wane

currents shift in an unseen sea
urging  tides to carry me
towards the shores
where r...

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