Paws and snouts and whiskers and drool

And muscle and fur and eyes so sharp, kind and cruel

And light and strong and high in their jump

And eager and always hungry and always looking for more

And sleek and shiny and fast and then still

And smelling and sniffing and pushing and tearing


Playful and wanting and watching and rolling

And laying and nestling and warm and smelly

And barking and crying and snoring and growling

And scratching and digging and smelling and finding

And running and skipping and catching and dropping

And darting and flipping and listening and wondering


Licking and slavering and biting and chomping

And spattering and drinking and gulping and looking

And snapping and eating and choking then eating

And winding and turning and sitting and slumping

And breathing and snorting and laughing and giggling

And pawing and scratching and flinching then attacking


Circling and circling and stopping and circling

And wagging and cocking and mounting and grinning

And nudging and pressing and mouthing and tasting

And sneezing and huffing and puffing and panting

And cuddling and huddling and warming and entwining

And sleeping and dreaming and twitching then renewing


Comfy ►


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Michael Piggott

Fri 5th Feb 2016 11:57

Thanks Jemima, yes that is what I wanted to convey. However always pleased to receive input, so thank you Ray for your observations - I do see what you mean - but on balance prefer to keep it in line with my first thoughts

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Jemima Jones

Fri 5th Feb 2016 10:51

Hi again Michael-glad you left this poem as it was.I think in a funny way the 'ands' add to the doggy momentum.A sort of canine 'Night mail' rhythm,if you know what I mean.

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Michael Piggott

Fri 5th Feb 2016 08:22

Thanks so much for the comments. This is my first poem since school! I was searching for a subject whilst watching our two labrador dogs - then bingo!

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Thu 4th Feb 2016 20:42

Sorry to stick my neck out with this michael, and I was so impressed by the sheer variety of descriptive words, that I re-read it , and had a thought that it would be as good if not perhaps more lyrical if you were to drop the word AND on the second and fourth verses, thus giving more of an impetus to the reading.
with respect, Ray

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Jemima Jones

Thu 4th Feb 2016 15:26

awww! Lovely Michael.Thank you.

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chris yates

Thu 4th Feb 2016 15:20

Just got in from walking the dog and read this poem so apt and entertaining just like our animals mine is the daftest lurcher you would care to meet love the busyness of your poem well done ( : C

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