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And the Mouse Said...

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Put a cork in the crazy

I already put one in the wall

Put a cork in the crazy

Before it comes for us all

Put a cork in the crazy

Or it will creep out everywhere

Put a cork in the crazy

Cuz you know they will all stare

Put a cork in the crazy

Keep it plugged up nice and tight

Put a cork in the crazy

Even tho it feels so right

Put a cork in the crazy

Now, don't...

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Aquatic Stardust - a freewrite

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Aquarian Aquarius,
everyone be hearing us.
What an exciting life you lead,
cosmic superhuman centipede.
I’m Centric G pause for the D:
ejaculating antiquating - even thoughts dilapidated.
You should go through twice
extinguish anguish from your life
cosmic zombie souls are sliced.
Universal detoxification 
electrocuting nation-notions
rubbing Atlas, struggled rolling
infinitesimal scro...

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