The dog who died

A dog died on the streets today
A well bred dog with pedigree
His coat was riddled with fleas and lice 
And his stomach was empty.
He would never bark or snap or crack.
Some would offer him food or treats
And some say he died of sadness and grief
A man died on the streets today 
One less dog to think of 
some were heard to say
On his passing away. 


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Sun 15th May 2016 22:30

This bit has been sparking thought since you first posted it, and, I have to agree with MC. I mean, when a poor man loses his "friend in need", what does he have? And, what has a society, for all its wealth, lost, except for a potent reminder of its ineptitude in satisfying basic human needs?

Furthermore, just an aside, I see so many people who say they love dogs and then spend thousands on a pedigree from a puppy mill. That doesn't seem like compassion to me.

Thanks, Ronnie,


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 15th May 2016 16:48

These lines had me thinking about what happens to
either a man or the dog often in company when either
passes on? Here in London the pairing is often seen -
but it's all too easy to walk by dispensing a little cash but
perhaps little thought about their jointly dependent situation.

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