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The Flower One Day

The Flower One Day / Michael Kwack



While I was not out,

The flower bloomed.


That will fall,

While I do not look,


The flower of love.


One day,


The heart will fall.

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​​​​​​Wintry nights, no sun shines

Where to bloom there's no place for gloom by my side

By the time, I will withered away 

But indelible marks wouldn't fade away 

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Wounded Flowers

Hear the shuffled footsteps drag upon the cold alone

Looking for a distant stone an ancient memory

Dryness caked upon the ground with lives that never were

Looking for a trace of wounded flowers


Rows of dying blossoms dripping open in the rain

Satyrs running naked in the summer nights of love

Cracked and dripping idols close their eyes against the pain

Blinded aged still ...

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Rain and Balloon

Raindrops are laughing,      



Like cherry



Onto the garden                   



​I am alone                             

Floating on,


A little cooling the warmth                       

Of summer morning; 


As if flying

Big sky balloons


Of birthday party   ...

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The Mandrake Curse

The Mandrake Curse


I spied the purple mandrake flowers

Sitting in their nest of green

And foolishly looked to rip them

From the earth they serenely sat upon

And everywhere a shriek echoed

Across the woods and leafy vales

and to my weary eyes I saw

The bulbous body resurrected


A face demonic in its glare

For being torn from fitful slumber

Wizened arms of k...

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napowrimo2020day 11mandrakemythpoisonflowerfantasyhorror

pity flower


I forget

what you are:

just a flower

swaying to

the directions

of foul winds;


yet can’t stand

your ground;

looted off

your perfections

for reasons lewd

you pursued

colors faded

and gone

gone into a world

a life where

pretty flowers

don't belong


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The flower in my hand

I hold this flower
In my hand.
Yellow and perfect.
Like European star.
Like my heart
Is bound to this place.
My ear used to different languages,
My nose used to all these smells,
Smells of freedom.
In a continent of so many colours,
Blossoming friendships
And beautiful memories.
I keep this flower alive
As long as I can.
I know it will die
Like the freedom
That leaves us.



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EuropeEU bordershomesadfreedomflowerdiversitytravelling

Beneath Beauty...

The Lily-of-the-valley

 a flower divine;

 a bell-shaped face

of exquisite design;

a pervading aroma of

angelic incense;

milky-white petals

pure innocence;

it's beauty belies

a sinister power; 

the Lily-of-the-valley

 a deadly flower!

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My lost flower

The apple blossom that was

the scent of your hair,

the tint that lit up

every mournful evening sky

could only emanate from

your softly glistening skin.


I had hoped one day to wrap

you up and hold you tight

so, no harm should ever befall you.


My flower amongst the grasses.

My bloom amongst the stems.


I wanted to sigh and

watch your soft seed


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A Rose By Any Other Name

A Rose By Any Other Name


If I were a doctor

Treating your wounds

And infections

Your bile and liver

You would welcome me


If I were a restaurateur

Feeding you for free

Flavouring your drinks

Would you not welcome me?


I am clockmaker

Yellow gold

Like summer sun


I drift

On the breeze

And still

You do not welcome me


I am the l...

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NaPoWriMo 2019day 24dandeliondictionary inspirationrandomflowerweed

Love Seed


To win my heart, cross my roads 

To get my love, you knock my doors 

Let's to start, to earn cruise 

To build a nest within love rose 


Adore you much, looking forward 

To keep in touch, even one word 

Eager to fly, to reach sward 

Where your face, shines on board 


You're the star, you're my sun 

You're in heart, the only one 

Grow love seed, before ge...

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A flower in bloom

How tall you have grown
in such a short space of time,
the sun’s rays warmed your nascent leaves
and the cloud’s tears nourished
your newly sprouting roots
strengthening your place in the rich earth.
How you flourished spreading your
green flightless wings to the heavens
knowing that one day a beautiful bloom
would be your crowning glory.

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My mother once told me 

she thought I was as strong as she was,

but she was wrong and told me I was weak


Could she be right? 

So far I don't think I've been able

to prove her wrong


She told me she has no faith in me


I think I had lost faith in myself before her 


What has it come to...

now I can't smell flowers how I used to

or smile at faces...

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Flower of Love

Half a flower
is more beautiful than none at all
An incomplete bloom
stil leaves room for
more heart and love
A dormant bud can lead
to a fulfilled dream
A single petal still smells 
just as lovely as the whole flower of love
An island is still connected by the ocean floor
to the rest of the world
It is joined to the heavens 
by the air in between
The rocks and stones 
and grass and ...

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contemporaneous cold, 

in the winter of my agony 

july's heat long forgotten,

january's frost an eternal constant 

and yet 

one remembers, 

flowers bloom. 

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The world hold many mysteries, ful of different meanings

Life is like a flower be holding many secret yearning to reveal.

What you see is what you get, it's growth depends on how you feed it.

The spring of  beautiful petals is a result of nurturing, the weariness of others is as a result of neglect.

All flower tell a different tale

There's no flower without a few thorns along its ro...

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Flowerlifeliving right

Song of the Sky

Whispers adorn the sky

Chilling winds and dying, breathy voices

The road is a blackboard

With essays of footprints written upon it

The air is still

As are the trees

But the sky is not

The sky talks mindlessly to someone

It murmurs and mutters

Supported by the Earth

Pressured by Space

The sky is home to the brain of a flower

The flower is red

Some say the colo...

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flowermetaphoricalreal lifeskythe sky

Splendid Is The Flower

Splendid Is The Flower


if I make something beautiful

will you gently touch it

with your perspective

or will you taint it

with a vengeful critics tongue


am I qualified

to judge you

either way


if I make something beautiful

will you take the time

to kiss it with your praise

or will you rip it to shreds

with your own experience


are you qual...

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A flower
Caught in the muddy waters of life
Spiralling in a whirlpool of tenacity
Plucked and discarded
To continue its journey alone  

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flowerjourneyrejectiongetting stronger


Just like a flower

our love 

blooms in the summer

and dies in the winter.

With nothing but memories left to show

what once stood tall,

has now


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Blue Iris

On your royal blue wings

lies a small yellow river

of golden sunshine


Your eyes open up

and see the whole world

for all of its beauty


Next to you

you see a tall flower

and you move towards it


You can only go so far

before your roots hold you still

and cause you to fall





As your roots are pulled up

you are pushed down


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A Weed

Yesterday I saw a weed,
proud and tall as a tower,
But it will be cut down soon,
Because it was not made a flower.

You see, a flower is considered pretty;
It pleases the eye with form and color.
But a weed is considered ugly,
And dares to spread, and cover.

So they say it is a choking plant,
And consider it a bother.
But a flower chokes just as well,
It is just has the decency to be...

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A Small Bud

A small bud, withered

But just a few drops of rain

Beautiful flower.



I was inspired to write

this haiku after reading

Nigel Astell's poem/comment

on my poem "Despair".

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Planet Earth

You're so violently pretty

with that flower on your hat

You're so arrogant and sweet

it stops me from catching breath


How could universe had chosen me

to sew it's starlit magic net?

When I hold you - we fly

back home to Planet Earth

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