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A Broken Mirror



                                                             Can you                                                                                                                                                Help me please.                                                                                                                            My mirror appears to be b...

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bodybroken mirrorsimagemirrorselfSelf Image

Rain and Balloon

Rain-drops are laughing,      



Like blossoms                      

Of cherry trees,                    

Or snowflakes,


Onto the garden                   


I am alone                             

Floating on,


A ...

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The dawn is breaking,
no sense you're making
leaving me, although
better off I will be.
No one will ever 
satisfy you, until
your heart bleeds through
the tough exterior 
that makes everyone inferior
to the image you see 
in the mirror. 

# # #


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entry picture




I want to speak one more Language

That everybody can easily speak

Same as our food or as beverage

If not, it means, we are weak


I wish I could deal with people

In everywhere, whatever they are

I hope I can once be able

To become a friend to those are aware


Serious or peaceful situations

Should not affect our hearts

The poverty or lux...

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Loving ourselves

Learning to love yourself is gruelling. Every flaw, every mistake, every quirk. Only us ourselves know how characteristically flawed we truly are. So we hide. Hide behind make up, clothes and materials.

Social media enables us to create an ideology of the person we think we are, the person we want to be. But in the midst of the night we lie awake contemplating ourselves. Questioning our choices...

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imageindividualloveloving yourselfSelf Imageself loveunique

My Baby Boo

Today my heart felt a blow,
By a view so divine.
I let my emotions flow,
Like a 30 year old wine.

There it was in that tiny box,
With pulses of energy shooting through,
That blurry image came across,
Like the inside of a Great Gray Kangaroo.

I felt her hand touching mine,
Held her hand - fingers entwined,
Watching my angel wriggle and shine,
With the life of Us combined.

Seeing y...

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Barbie Doll

~It’s scary these days what girls will do to become thinner,
drown in protein shakes, eat nothing but Vogue for dinner.
Why is the ideal woman seen as thin?
When bones visible through cling-film-like skin
is not my idea of healthy.
You can have a size zero waist but have a size zero brain.
I’m not saying that when you gain
weight you gain intelligence,
I’m saying that when you preach hate ...

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imagesocial stigma

My sunbed and me

entry picture


The future's bright

as long as I've got my fix

12, 9, 6, it doesn't matter

how many minutes it takes,

I remain loyal to the golden glow

of course I know the risks, I'm not stupid -

I'm far from - but my place in the sun

hasn't yet been revealed, it's plain that no plane ticket

has fallen into my lap, it's no fun this being broke

so I cut the crap and s...

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Detective Novel

There was nobody else here
the body said
without leaving any clues
like a detective novel would.

There was no cold murder
with the thrust of
a steel knife
and no silent voilence
that stung in the night.

This body lay there un-found
with a zen like silence
for long than it could remember
staring at the moon-light
the sun-light
and then the moon-light again

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