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The Farce of the Fright Brigade

Apologies to Alf



Half a brain, half a brain,

Half a brain forward,

All in the vale of Despair

Groped the six hundred.

“Somewhere the Fright Brigade!

Run for the hills!” he said.

Into the vale of Despair

Groped the six hundred.


“Fumble, the Fright Brigade!”

Was there a plan arrayed?

Not that the Members knew

Someone had blundered.

Theirs not ...

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That Tennyson

“That fucking Tennyson.”
           I caught myself muttering
as I walked along. “Yes,
that fucking Tennyson,
           he can organise a sunset
and flake gold better than I can:
and Emily Dickinson,
           with her yellow children
           at the bars of a gate
closed by her sodding dominie in grey.
And Yeats!  That fucking Yeats
wags an ageing tongue at creation
and leaves me ...

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Splendid Is The Flower

Splendid Is The Flower


if I make something beautiful

will you gently touch it

with your perspective

or will you taint it

with a vengeful critics tongue


am I qualified

to judge you

either way


if I make something beautiful

will you take the time

to kiss it with your praise

or will you rip it to shreds

with your own experience


are you qual...

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A box of mini soldiers, some dice and Sean Bean

There was thunder over Europe,

At the wargames club,

as the cannons blazed and shed.

Mass lines of plastic/pewter fighting men

by those great leaders led,

marched on brave with discipline.

Hordes of galloping colours

sabres shining bright,

grateful to enamel paints and varnish,

a bugle charge and forward

brigades heavy and light.

Just make it up as we go.

We all...

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