Dockery Plantation Blues

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Dockery Plantation Blues

In a Mississippi graveyard,
as the midnight hour crawls,
sits a young boy and his guitar
wailing tunes at the moon.
He prays his fingers faster
as they dance across the frets,
weeping at his inability
to speak in tongues from the strings.

He is lost in a fugue
of chaotic chords and strumming,
as the Delta Blues pour muddy,
like the churning brown river,

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A Tree In The Elephant's Graveyard

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A Tree In The Elephant’s Graveyard

It began with a pen
and paper,
beneath a tree.
Carried here
upon a rat
to rest awhile.

The paper was white
and stared at me
The pen hovered,
dripping ink
like tears.

A serpent
coiled itself
around My neck.
I thought of stars
and dreamt
of gouache landscapes.

Still the paper
would not
fuck the pen.
My thoughts
were clear,

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He died in the Ark


He died in the Ark

Drowned in sailor suit

 A dropping deck  for pitch in flame

Not made of balance iron nor  dream round


He was the right man for marriage

Animals run one to the other

Unfit deformed


None of the women have names

Wives of sons

Sons of wives

The dress is torn


The flood honours extinction

Unclean, wrong


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genesismythwife and husband

helen is finally faceless


Helen needs no costume

She swims across to  cold acres

To hit the dead


We found her  in crack sharp earth

Sad and  cut to the middle


We cannot fight this prince!

We cannot stand against this city!


Send Helen back to them

One day we too shall love

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after creation

And after creation the god gave man a beautiful goddess and an axe to destroy her with Sun looked out at sun daughter and their children Sun and Fire The last in black What am I living Give apart the other all dreaming past future incidence dark and rigid earth is thrown from my hand the sun touches the water flow and fell

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Summoned and speaking from a despairing city

A door in a cave

Haunted by fallen tombs

Telling empty


Bright under thunder   a beautiful girl in marriage is led away  by disappearing  fairy folk



Vague lantern near to death bed

An old man watches the peace

This is the cave

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Blood Mage

Twisted Maleficarum turned abomination

desperately seeking a return to one's humanity.

Expelling demons,

pumping passion like the blood that summoned them.


Bleeding tears, sweating fears

soaked in trepidation.


Summon some feeling

no time for healing

when paint is just pain with

twin pronged brush strokes.


Tattered, trying, tonal


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