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An Ode to Trouvaille

I have always been a whole person

Please don’t let what I now describe convince you otherwise 

But I left the other part of me in foreign country 



I love the way he says my name 

With words and phrases I have heard before 

But those that have not enlightened me until now 

I can breathe around him, more than mere survival 


I met him in a world where sum...

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Travel along

Through the green lanes, following the cemented roads;
With new hopes above head,covered with blue mould.

I was on my way to discover new sea;
Miles and miles afar was the new world awaiting for me.

To catch hold of it i got wet in the rain;
There's some kind of young drug running in my vein.

There's still hope in the lifted hand within the crowded lane;
There's it where i can settle ...

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Speeding on through Somewhereshire

Unfamiliar livery

Adorns familiar trains

Myriad trees, multi-shaped

Silent window frames

Station signs unreadable

A metal phonetic blur

Speeding on through Somewhereshire

On a train to who knows where


TK Maxx and Staples

Retail worship shrines

Ears burst in tunnels

As beneath the soil we dive

Conservatories and patios

Buzzing power lines

Tearing on th...

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