The flower in my hand

I hold this flower
In my hand.
Yellow and perfect.
Like European star.
Like my heart
Is bound to this place.
My ear used to different languages,
My nose used to all these smells,
Smells of freedom.
In a continent of so many colours,
Blossoming friendships
And beautiful memories.
I keep this flower alive
As long as I can.
I know it will die
Like the freedom
That leaves us.


Europe is my home 😢

©️ By Magical whispers 

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 23:07

Watch V for vendetta

We are legion... and we are coming

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 23:05

I can't. I fought for Catalonia, for Scotland, against the far rights, for women, for all our freedom.europe is my home. After my dreams died with Brexit, Europe itself is all what I have. My roots are deep. I feel like the governments have cut them.

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 22:06

Don't cry for the loss... cry for those who will never truly experience what freedom is.

Your words will help others to understand to a lesser extent, always remember MW without our voices of dissent most would remain in their somnambulistic induced state... by the State.


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