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Three Haiku

Where sea and sky meet

                a green flash from the set sun

Lighting distant shores



In Spring my compass

                navigated the world round

Now Autumn tides ebb



In the Winter storms

                my old life invades the new

Waves crash past the strand

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And then, suddenly, it was calm - the morning wind which threw

rain hard against the window panes and sent beech leaves rushing

across the grass to pile gold-brown against all that the borders grew,

all slowly dulling their greens to wet, muted browns, brushing

the soil as their leaves curl and droop - vibrant Spring-strength gone,

fading sadly.

                         The wind ...

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these winter days

when the sun
hating the cold dark mornings
hits snooze on the alarm three times
crawls out of bed grumbling
about stiffness in the joints
damp, a bunged-up nose,
is a bear with a sore head
till the coffee kicks in
last of the milk and the motivation

queues at the bus-stop in the rain
with the other heavenly bodies
doesn’t get a seat – again –
Mercury chattering on her mobile
about w...

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As seasons change

entry picture

Woodland floors are changing now

as leafed tears drop

and fall from bough,

with all that’s been

to pass somehow,


if only for a season.


The air now chills

to frosted days,

as lovers wend

their separate ways

from pledges made,


they part not giving reason.


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In the fortune of tides

entry picture

In this sparse June

thieving days sprawl

and steal our moon

with the fiery ball


And we content

to soak that Sun

draw short our days

with less work done


Though in fields afar

from where we play

the sphere retreats 

from a starving day


where shadows fall

on withered seed

and life exists

in constant need


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back in the time when the leaves crunched under our feet
we kissed and the world stood still,
but as leaves fall so did we

like the frigid air was our relationship,
glances and looks exchanged and meaner ones received
but as ice thaws so did we

as the flowers blossomed the looks weren't as harsh
back in the state of love and happiness we were
and as the sun gets hotter so did we

our love ...

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Summer Awhaikuing

Stronger in numbers;

the leaves a deaf audience

clapping spring's last bow.

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haikuseasonssign languagespringsummertrees

A Glimpse

I saw a glimpse of spring today
While riding in the truck
I never knew how sweet it smelled 
Untill the light possesed my soul
I thought the night of winter would forever consume my eternity
but oh how wrong I was because....
I saw a glimpse of spring today

The smell of sweet remembrance of a childhood long passed by 
will forever haunt by being
But in that moment I was entrapped in a world w...

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Autumn, Part 1.

Autumn to me is dying leaves 
And the spaces in between
And all the places I have seen fall silent

Summer energy has drained away
Negligence is here to stay 
A blanket of cloud mostly grey so tired

Won't be long before all the leaves fall
And rest once more the brush at the drywall
Near the pool of water where life has expired

Now it's pitch black at eight 
Tomorrow those leaves I will cremate
In the first a...

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absencenature Autumnseasons

Cancer Spells

Miscommunicated, disEnchanted, disconnected, disillusioned state

You, as the epicenter of this Mushroom Kingdom

Wondrous fermentations carried out in smashed pumpkins

They were broken from the start

This is you, this is you.

Evaporating from the misty mountain tops

Is the nativity of these immaculate prophecies

Fostered in every garnish, garden, green, gorge and grove


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I Feel Fall

I'm in love.  

A soft breeze rustles the leaves on the trees just outside my window.  All is silent save the ocean roaring in the distance at a rhythm too lovely for words.  And the wooden clock in the corner holds his pace, savoring this time of night when his tick tick tick is finally heard.  It's dark now, all around, except some photos sliding in and out on my computer screen.  

I feel p...

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Cycle Of The Scarecrow (audio version)

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Cycle Of The Scarecrow

before she came
I stood here
for what seemed like eons
with a blood red sun
setting behind me
my head full
of nothing more
than sawdust
straw and dreams
a hole in my chest
where beetles scuttled
happy come rain or shine
my only fear
that crows might see
through me
be brave and bold
and strut towards me
then peck out
my button eyes

now as the shadows g...

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CROWS OF ALBIONcycle of lifemagicscarecrowseasons

written in the dirt

this autumn morning

winter’s aperitif

is served on the rocks

shaken and stirring


come downpour now

unleash your jotting scribe and

cast the showery runes of fables untried

forge scripts along our droughty lanes

of songs for all that yet remain

or wash away those pages brown,

whelm witness to our temporal sway


we’ll listen to the eager eart...

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The Collector (Roget's Soliloquy)

entry picture

The Collector (Roget’s Soliloquy)


In my book……..


Words – so simple in their sound

they fall like snowflakes on a lake

and interlock their unique form

until the water gives way to their power,

becoming something bigger,

something cold and hard and beautiful.

Or a flame, just a spark at first

until the kindling catches and the embers

jump from t...

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The campion comes late in May

when golden king cups raise their heads

and all about the tawny carn

a merry May-time madness spreads

as bluebells  fade like ghosts away,

and bow their faces to the dust

and hedgerows sing and daisies dance,

and grass leaps up because it must.

It’s then in pink and white and red

that spring-time’s maiden green ...

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