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0416 (06/12/2022)

the buds of late spring 
open and tentative 
unflex their pods
like prayers unseen.

they touch moonlight
brushing in the occident
like dreams,
fleeting moments where 
the impossible is made real. 

reminds me of someone that dies 
every night; a real Cinderella story 
that refuses to settle on an end.
instead, we recycle those old sores 
instead, we recycle those old stories

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early spring, early robins

early spring, early robins


the robins came by yesterday

for their early spring visit

to strip the red berries from our trees


they do the same each year

how do they have such memories

to return to the same place after winter


suppose they have a build-in GPS

or an Alexis or Ms. Google

who directs their travels and

instructs them where the best

places ...

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the long winter is almost past

the long winter is almost past



the long winter is almost past

the sun has started to travel back north

trying to get through checkpoints

on its way from southern countries


the snow that was beautiful

when it fell weeks ago

is now slick ice, not pretty

and is dangerous


the full moon shone bright

the last few nights, giving

extra beauty to the ni...

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