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crocus buds

crocus buds burst forth
peep and poke through dunes of white
winter bows to spring

when the sun begins to shine again
vital truths on wood-lined paths arise  


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Spring's unfurling

When your winter breaks into spring
think of new and wonderful things

while autumn creeps passed your window
break this winter free of sorrow

wait upon seasons - wait on life
live each day loving - escaping 

weave each day's new strands - engaging
one day looking back - mem'ries rife.


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Do they know it.s Christmas

HAVE YOU EVER HAD   ????????

When your house begins to tell you, you dont belong no more
it makes it very clear, you are not welcome anymore
so hints begin to show themselves, subtly at first
then more and more they make it plain its only getting worse

A nice warm house gets colder, the heatings ceased to work
the normal things, like bathroom taps have demons that'll lerk
the toilet s...

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The Season of cleanse

I hear the pitter patter outside my window
So soothing and melodic to my ears now
The rain outside is pouring down
Creating a melodic soothing sound
I again start to finally breathe
As this cleansing process sets me free
The noise it makes charms me
Often helping me see clearly
I long for Autumn to soon come around
It's the rainy season, I have found
The water trickling from the sky

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Remember the guy

Remember the guy

November the fifth, bonfire night, to celebrate guy and set him alight
Fireworks shooting, up in the night sky, kids watching them going, ever so high
Flashing and banging, exploding in light, giving the kids, a most wonderful sight
The wood is stacked, and been set to flame, for the Children that gathered, 
The children that came,
The flames go up licking his feet, burnin...

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Confessions Of A Self-Berating Splurger - A seasonal ditty


I know I’ve got a lot of stuff and no, I don’t need much more.

I know advertising’s full of guff and persuasion is what it’s for.

I know others needs are greater, but too often I forget

As I’m a self-berating splurger, oft wracked with deep regret.


No matter if you’re measuring in common, pounds or pence,

Too often it would seem that we have more money than sense.

I kno...

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