Another crisp Autumn morning.

I wake before dawn, 

hoping I won't think of you, 

but I do. I always do. 

Though you are not with me, 

I feel you, in the brisk breeze,

spreading golden leaves,

on sacred ground.


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Fri 23rd Oct 2020 22:17

“Your new dawn is just a heartbeat away”... adding this amazing quote to my book of favorites! Thank you for sharing beautiful soul with us Paul. We are blessed you are here. ❤️

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Thu 22nd Oct 2020 22:11

Thank you for your kind feedback Paul and Keith. This poem was inspired by the Goo Goo Dolls song Autumn Leaves. I wasn’t even sure which direction it would go. Interesting you picked up on that Keith. I love poems that vary based on the reader’s interpretation.

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keith jeffries

Thu 22nd Oct 2020 19:42

You have excelled yourself with this poem which stirs the imagination in a number of different directions. Well done and thank you


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Paul Sayer

Thu 22nd Oct 2020 18:38

Life is change V...

Life moves on.

Looking back is a part of moving forward.

The sun must always get lower and lower until it dies to be reborn over another horizon that is just darkness to us.

Your new dawn is just a heartbeat away.

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