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The Navigator

Once I plotted my course

on nautical charts -

I used the sun and stars

to fix

                my position in the world


Once my ship sailed the seas

by my compass course -

I drew lines on a map

to guide

                me through far off seas to port


Once I was the pilot

steering from the bridge -

But she altered my course



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They see me

Without a word

Through the sea white mist

Slow silent slip away

They see me

An empty vessel

Adrift from my moorings

Fading to the horizon

To move, like night, from sea to sea

They see me

Haze distanced

Lost to all and love

Hull down, alone

Eternally to drift

To tide or current whim

Sometime becalmed


Sometime storm blasted


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Three Haiku

Where sea and sky meet

                a green flash from the set sun

Lighting distant shores



In Spring my compass

                navigated the world round

Now Autumn tides ebb



In the Winter storms

                my old life invades the new

Waves crash past the strand

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The See

The See a mothers loss is a roaring cry seagulls try to console the sky memory currents cycle below glacial dreams of trickling snow ripples giggle in play carefree scribbling light on nurseries cautious games become boisterous ways growing stronger night and day tumbling into adolescence shedding childhoods sediments they’re vigour serves to energize blue-rinsed coasts revitalis...

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