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He waddled his way to the Kremlin

As some kind of honest broker,

But anyone watching the horror show

Viewed him as one sick joker.


With his huff-puff of lies and flannel,

He claimed that he came in peace;

If only Kyiv would listen,

The bloody destruction would cease.


Then just a few days later,

Ukraine suffered thirty-plus dead;

Idiots can sometimes be usefu...

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Gospel Haiku 俳句

Mass murder machine

The ultimate irony

Gospel is its name

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All Has Turned Red (Merry Christmas, I Guess?)

Today as I scrolled through my feed.
I saw a child's mutilated body,
Laid bare for all to see.
A bomb it had been,
If I trust the caption at least,
That had destroyed this child,
Their dreams, their hopes, their love, their life.
The agony was too much for poor 
little me to bear.
I am only seventeen, you see,
ignoring that the child on the screen
Looked no day over three.
I wanted to ...

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(Russian missiles have recently struck pizza restaurants in Kramatorsk and Pokrovsk in Ukraine, killing men, women and children)


Why do you hate our pizzerias?

Why do you target tomato and cheese?

What have you got against pepperoni?

Are our four seasons failing to please?


We pride ourselves on our ingredients;

Our service is rated second to none.

But your depraved s...

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The pretty lady screams


Putin’s bombs just murdered her baby

What life will the young mum have now?

In a shattered country war death hate killing

The bastard waited decades for this


And acted not caring the cost

Of Russia’s neighbouring nation

Plus thousands of dead Russian soldiers

Let the traumatised lady be an example


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The Pig Butcher

The Pig Butcher


Pickton pulled the trigger. 

finished her off. 

Her crime was bigger,

Left in a trough.


Squeals of delight,

Grinding her down,

Hidden from sight,

Miles from town.


Ribbons of flesh,

entrails, sinew and bone 

Minced through mesh,

Can’t hear her moan.


Empty roads wet with rain,

Deserted, discarded dead.

Silence screams p...

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Murderbutcherserial killerCanadainfamous

Bar Steward Town 1 (for Debbie)

Bar Steward Town 1 (for Debbie)

What they did to Debbie was beyond compare

Anywhere else except in this damn town

A real lady came from afar to heal the sick

Persons unknown took her happiness


Did their despicable act and slew her life

They respected her religion by crossing her

But not her body by using two big knives

Two decades on the killers are free


Just s...

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Banged Up


"My how you've grown"

Said the kindly old dear.

"Last time I held you

you burped in my ear.


The truth of the matter

I just have to say

it's been twenty long years

since they put me away.


It's a long stretch of time

which I passed saving stamps

but that's what they gave me

for killing your Gramps.


I know you're an orphan

'cause I poisoned y...

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CrimeEvilMurderOrphanPoisonPrisonBlack Humour

The Plot

The Stoner

There be a stoner, a mighty old one, wrinkled skin, twisted toes, frail and fragile, as if a tiny little nudge can dismantle his assembled soul. He’s not a person, not at least now, may be once, but long forgotten. Now he is a shadow of a soul. He is fragmented so is his mind. He would talk you through rubbish and say nothing, but then when you least expect it he says the thing. Spec...

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The Angels

I saw the footsteps of an angel

Within the deep pools of blood

No one noticed the scarlet halo

Because angels are meant to be good


No one mourned the demons

No one shed a tear

No one noticed the angels descend

Until there was nothing to feel but fear


The angels smiled as they hurt you

And laughed as our children cried

There were no demons left to save the pe...

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Staple Gun Lover

The bitch is dead.

Spewing hatred from her empty eyes.

She fought back,

Skin under her broken nails,

She never suspected him.

Her beautiful lover boy.

His deathly kiss,

He pinned her to the wall,

Staple gun kisses,

Fastened her down,

Tight as a lover's arms.

She fell for his charms.

Smeared bloody lipstick stuck to his face,

Deathly bite holding its place.


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The Dead Dolls

She sat amongst her dollies

Hair all chopped and matted

their legs broken battered,

Biro on each painted face.

The fingers bitten off,

Spat out and thrown away.

Their toes all flat and mangled,

Their eyes poked closed and gone.

Each one no more a beauty,

Each one now dead and gone.


She did it as a child 

To each and every toy.

Her mummy used to smack her,


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Killersmurdermutilationdeathserial killersdoll maker

a peaceful warrior

a peaceful warrior


next week

I’ll make a mark

to show my choice

and there will be

no hate

no fear

no injustice

In that decision


it will be

for the future

for the greater good


it will not be

for brutal killers




from over there

or right here


it will be everything

but that


it will be


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Jo Coxmurderprayerremembrance

Where Love is Love

Where love is love it cannot be untethered.
Through spite and persecution it has weathered.
It matters not the faith that you believe,
Cares not of gender, colour or of creed.
No wall can hold it in, no bridge too far;
No laws that call it 'sin' can keep it barred.
The martyrdom of hate, try as it might
Will never cease the progress of its plight.
Where cowards take up arms to end its cour...

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OrlandoLGBTTerrorismMurderHateLove! Poem


She crawls, blood red nails scratching at dirty bedroom walls, she desperately tries to scream but no voice is ever heard, from the strangled vocal chords of this trapped mockingbird.   From the day that she was born she's been fed nothing but lies, men have always looked at her with lust and desire in their eyes, forever hungry for a little piece of whatever it is that she has...

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hurtmurderprostitutiontony kasazkaja

The Kill

The knife protrudes from his chest.
His heart pierced by cold steel.
The man falls to his knees.
Takes a final breath,
and falls over.

Blood covers my sweaty hands.
Adrenaline courses through my veins.
I do not feel guilt,
nor shame.
Instead I am awash in relief.
The deed is done and I feel anew.

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Nothing But

Again, alive. No good. No good cursing your eyes their function. That your heart survived another night less luck, more, stubborn rebuke to the revisionist thread of airbrushed policy. Walk, when the whistle blows, as the shift changes from red to murder and gather us all around the dead bag, dog shit bats hanging in the sidings. Too much to see with closed eyes picking out the sighs of a crucifor...

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benefitsmurderbeckettlaissez fairedisdain


Around the shadowed corner, wicked lies,
Through telescopic lens and focussed eyes.
The autumn trees encapsulate the path
And crunch beneath the wheels they idolise.

The building crowds descend before the knoll
To catch a glimpse of this passing idol.
He, showered from all sides with the applause
And peppered from above by seasons fall.

Idyllic is this scene to which he greets,
As smi...

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americaassassinationJohn F kennedymurderonassispoempoetry



We met on a cold and stormy day
The words were mute, they were taken away
The howling wind blowing wild through the trees
The breath from our mouths deceived with ease

I felt a dread as we met in stealth
You didn't ask for gifts or wealth
Your goals were set in insidious ways
Not even a glint in your eye to betray

You crept into my life like an assassins wraith

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Murder, Death, Bones and Blood

Murder, Death, Bones and Blood
Murder, death, bones and blood
Rotting corpses walking
Vampires, witches, ghouls and ghosts
tormented Spirits talking
Operations and autopsies
Severed heads and limbs
darker twisted horror stories
To rival Stephen King
Cuts and stitches, pain and screams
Dead bodies and mortuaries so cooool!
This is what ...

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I dial him up,
An unlisted number, of course
But easy enough to find
When you know where to look.
He speaks low, and slow,
I tell him what he needs to know,
No more. Not too much.
He books me in. Half-four.
Simple stuff - a time, a place, the door,
The colour, the number, the floor outside.
Then the target, to mark it,
Rough age, hair colour?
Height, weight, creed?

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He saw a hooded figure

So the trees are no longer decorated with strange southern fruits
But Trayvon Martin still gets no justice when Zimmerman shoots.
The latter claimed he had the right to simply stand his ground
But first, against police advice, he followed young Trayvon around
Trying to decide, I guess, if the teenager really posed a threat.
But judging by what Trayvon was packing, he was a wrong as wr...

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Trayvon Martinmurderjusticepoem

The Trade Name

The Trade Name.


When the green fairy

kisses my lips

with sweet anise,

I take the grand wormwood path

just for jolly, wouldn’t you?



to mask her breath

of juniper.

A road

to mothers ruin.


The gas-lit fog

cloaks the backstreet

opiate dens,

where wretched

addicts lie.


Pastry faced women,

lifting ski...

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hoaxwriteranonymousjack the ripperabsintheginmurder

Oh Darkness, Sweet Darkness

With my acuminous arm
I saved her wretched soul, like the others,
I drew the blood through clotted veins
And lay her down upon the blackness.

I cleaved the meats from her ivory.
He knelt with me and watched her filth, her poison
Pour through the cobbled streets
Into welcoming drains.

Plucked from the cadaver,
Her vessels of virility are no more;
The erroneous allocatio...

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The Darkness








The darkness is

creeping upon us,

eating away our souls.


It brings about

racism, hatred, murder.

It blinds us to what

we are becoming.


In the far

distance there

is a light,

a glimmer of hope.


Is it

too far away?

Is it

too late?

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Something's gotten hold of my heart

For him the song took a whole new meaning,

a control that made him wish to control others.

“Something's gotten hold of my heart”

an evil, a darkness

he mused on midnight

and the encroaching demonic hours.



3am and a stereo's blazing in a stolen Volkswagen Beetle

inaudible white noise, a prerequisite

for the red mist to follow.


“He see...

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Events and Time


Events and Time 
I guess my feelings don’t really matter, that I don’t need anyone by my side when I’m down or upset or depressed. Don’t you know I’m just like anyone else? Though I’m different I’m just the same inside don’t you see? Do you know how hard it is to live alone and not have anyone to care for you? And when I meet someone who I thought was special, to let her in and trus...

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darknesseventstime2009alonemurdergunkillfast romance





Some bad shit goes down and a girl is dead,

killed in an alleyway for a mindless reason.

Her kid in a pram was okay but now has no mother.

You should be shot, you murdering cunt,

as should the satanist pricks who kill kids in the name of evil,

justifying their deeds in the name of the devil.

For he says any evil act is okay, go on just go...

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deathmurderkarmalost lives

"Just a Boy" - Toyosi Shittabey Memorial Poem

This is the kind of poem a poet wishes that they did not have to write... this is the kind of poem that gives a poet the reason to write, its why God gave us the ability to write.

A Nigerian immigrant was murdered on the streets of Dublin, Ireland on Good Friday last. This poem is my reaction to the tragedy...




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Detective Novel

There was nobody else here
the body said
without leaving any clues
like a detective novel would.

There was no cold murder
with the thrust of
a steel knife
and no silent voilence
that stung in the night.

This body lay there un-found
with a zen like silence
for long than it could remember
staring at the moon-light
the sun-light
and then the moon-light again

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Gone is the mind where love and hope once played,
She feels the urge to paint a world with blood.
She watches moonlight dance along the blade.

She dreams a world of red in every shade,
Would banish all the rainbow if she could.
Gone is the mind where love and hope once played.

All trust now shredded, reason torn and frayed,
A hollow corpse where once a woman stood;
She watches moonlight dance along th...

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