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The Box

I am sat inside a box,

My fateful cage.

I push, I scream, I curse, I kick,

And yet...it stands still.


Mocking me with it's security.


It's steel surface scratches me with every movement,

resurging thoughts of bitter isolation;

It's cold chill reeling through my scrunched up bones,

Mocking me with it's unfeeling presence.


I long to feel warmth.

A vo...

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Something's gotten hold of my heart

For him the song took a whole new meaning,

a control that made him wish to control others.

“Something's gotten hold of my heart”

an evil, a darkness

he mused on midnight

and the encroaching demonic hours.



3am and a stereo's blazing in a stolen Volkswagen Beetle

inaudible white noise, a prerequisite

for the red mist to follow.


He seeme...

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