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Black Metal Band Looking For A Name

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Black Metal Band Looking For A Name


Cannibal Sewer Rats

The Sweat Of Judas

Black Candle Prayer

Vikings Of Stavanger


We need a name boys

We need a name

Black Metal Band

Looking for fame


Sons Of The Necropolis

Sonic Angel Spit

Kitten Paws (No! Kevin No!)

Demon Suicide


We need a name boys

We need a name

Black Metal Band

Looking for f...

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The Mandrake Curse

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The Mandrake Curse


I spied the purple mandrake flowers

Sitting in their nest of green

And foolishly looked to rip them

From the earth they serenely sat upon

And everywhere a shriek echoed

Across the woods and leafy vales

and to my weary eyes I saw

The bulbous body resurrected


A face demonic in its glare

For being torn from fitful slumber

Wizened arms of k...

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day 11fantasyflowerhorrormandrakemythnapowrimo2020poison


The trees are flesh made.

 Gauntly etched to form gangrenous limbs,

Skeletal fingers lacing outward

For the heavens.


A multiplicity of fungal greens

That curl and sway about the breeze.

The trees are flesh made,

Blood racing within barcomulch veins

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bloodforestsgorehorrornature poetryTrees


Express yourself, they said.
Somehow I knew, but went ahead.
And as they recoiled, in shock
At the horrors under my bed

The fear and shame upon their faces
I've added to my box of haunted places
I join them, as me they mock
and hide my words when in their spaces


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fearhorrorself expressionshame


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In a town called Tumbleweed

sound is deadened

so that every conversation

crawls like a gentle breeze

through cotton wool.


Beggars are kings,

politicians pariahs,

policemen thieves,

priests parasites.

Suzie is a victim.


The streets of Tumbleweed

host sinners, saints and surrogates

sneering into bibles

left to them

by agnostic pa...

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apocalypsefantasygothichorrormetaphorurban decayvampire

The Evil Tree

I'm going to tell you a story, which was genuinely one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I'd always been quite cynical about the idea of ghosts and demons and spiritualism, but this moment changed that for me and made me realise that actually, we are NOT alone in this world. Please, I know and understand the cynicism of most on this topic, but I can assure you that I have not invented any...

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branchbutterflycaterpillarcomedyevilfunnygood and evilHorrorleaftree


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The whistle blows to sound the charge

and over the top they bustle and barge,

covered from head to toe in mud

and soon tainted with flesh and blood.


Up the ladder with slippery rungs,

a scream of rage from terror filled lungs,

adrenalin coursing through every vein

with the fear of not coming back again.


Knee-deep mud sucking boots from feet,

tangled in barbed w...

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Two Line Horror(ible) Story

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I stood there and chanted, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!"
"I heard you the first time," said the Bar Tender.






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My Imagination? 99 word horror story

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The shadows flick across the darkened room.

I imagine these are demons in their evil dance,

although I know it is only the passing cars.


I hear strange noises coming from the attic.

I imagine this to be a serial killer stomping around,

although I know it is the mouse I chased

away a few days ago.


I hear an anguished moan.

I imagine it to b...

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She smiles so seductively and cunningly, waiting to strike.

If you dare upset her you do so at your peril as she will use her

power against you without warning.

She sees everything that we all do and all we can hope to achieve.

Even your deepest thoughts and emotions are hers at one sudden glance.

If you are lucky she will take your soul while you sleep.


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dark womanhorrorlost soulsmoon goddess

Our School Was Haunted

Our SchoolWas Haunted


Our school was haunted on this Halloween

All you could hear was moaning and screams

The chairs started groaning,

The floor was all sticky

The slime on the windows was squashy and squishy

The bats and the cats were cooking with witches

And casting a spell of chickenpox itches

The eyelash of spider and toenails of newt

Frogspawn and ...

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Murder, Death, Bones and Blood

Murder, Death, Bones and Blood
Murder, death, bones and blood
Rotting corpses walking
Vampires, witches, ghouls and ghosts
tormented Spirits talking
Operations and autopsies
Severed heads and limbs
darker twisted horror stories
To rival Stephen King
Cuts and stitches, pain and screams
Dead bodies and mortuaries so cooool!
This is what we talk about
on the bus to school.


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Another Two Line Horror Story

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I look into the mirror, an old Woman is staring back at me!

AHH!, oh wait, it's just me.




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Cycle Of The Scarecrow

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expanded version of the blog I posted a few days ago - this time covering all four seasons.



Cycle Of The Scarecrow


A Scarecrow Dreams Of Living


A scarecrow in autumnal sheen

thinks of all that he has been.

His age old frame begins to lean

as bitter winds blow in, so keen.

He longs for days of evergreen,

so buys back time, wipes the slate c...

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A Scarecrow Dreams Of Leaving

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A Scarecrow Dreams Of Leaving


A scarecrow in the wax moonlight

is snowed upon one winters night

and as the crystals, soft, alight

he dreams perhaps some day he might

take footsteps off into the bright

ice world. His skeletal delight

some hours later, fat and white

with snow-flesh -  waiting for coal sight.

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dreamfairy talehorrormonorhymescarecrowsnow

To Love In Vein

entry picture

To Love In Vein.



was dark and broody,


was pale and moody

(Celestine’s real name

was Judy).



dressed all in black,

(by the way

his name was Jack)

he thought he was

good in the sack.



thought ‘Oh, what the heck’,


thought ‘what a lovely neck’,

so hard to keep

their lust i...

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death twilight fansgothshorrortragi-comedyvampire lovers


entry picture









the ack-ack-ack

of sobbing children

a tear

for every bullet

the roll of pressure

heal to toe

erasing limbs

flies swarming on open wounds

picking at the scabs

of wounded families

the searing pain

of widows and orphans

scorched flesh

hurt is local currency

guns from foreign currency


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casualtiesdeathdestructionhorrorwarwar childwar zone

Something is Coming


Beneath the biscuit-bitten moon of dawn

Something’s coming.

There’s a hint of something unknown,

unprecedented enough that even the howling wind has flaked

To something spider-thin;

To the bare wire frames of lyricism.



Since then, the sky has darkened.



And static has started to  skitter across asphalt and window-frames.




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