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White Witch Of Winter

White Witch Of Winter


Corvus the white witch

Once flew the sky on crow’s wings

And fed on battlefield dead

She ate the hearts of serfs and kings

But soon she lost the taste for flesh

And transformed into what winter brings

Her skin is cold to human touch

She feasts on other-worldly things


She turns snowflakes into blizzards

Freezes your blood and tears


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The Pumpkin Queen

The Pumpkin Queen


The pumpkin queen is orange

Like the colour of her fruits

She wears a giant apron

And polished hob-nailed boots

She has a heart as big as Oceans

And helps others when it suits

The pumpkin queen is deeper than

An oak tree’s ancient roots


She sits in regal glory

On a throne of wood and leaves

And will animate her chosen one

As long as i...

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Trying New Things

I've been invited on a ghost hunt

So, I, of course, said yes!

What these people hope to find

I can only guess.

The eerie, the strange

The truly macabre

Haunting and daunting

Where does one start?

I've heard from some folks

About 'certain encounters'

Odd goings on

Alone in the darkness.

Voices and shadows

Movements, vibrations

Spine tingling visions


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I parked the volvo at two am

cut the engine on the old 760

the November night closed in.

Outside, the air at Borley was fresh

a light wind stirred by the blunted church


only hedges and drives, bungalows

where the rectory had been

and the still extant lodge. 


The Victorian pile razed by fire  before the war

i'd read the stories

of a ghostly nun, mysterious li...

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On the northern line last night

    I chanced upon the strangest sight

as I took my usual seat

    in the clammy noisy heat.

A man sat opposite a little along

    just staring at an absent throng

for the carriage was empty apart from myself

    and he was perfectly still.


His coat was heavy and dark as night

    with his feet together as if held tight,

and as we ...

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be mine fair lady

I will drag you down

down to dreamless sleep


be mine fair lady

your sweat shall be my sweat

your wet       my wet


be mine fair lady

as you twist and turn

cry out as I surround your soul.


From where do I come?

it matters not,

the curtains have parted



lie still fair lady

pray for your mind if you must

but leave you...

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"That's where the ghosts are,"

said the woman.

Just a field it was, when

came of a sudden a breeze

 to make a sad song of the oaks and elms

and gave us pause.

"We respect them," she said

not wanting to upset their cause

"and most times stay away."

Shivering I turned and made for the house

as clouds bore down making dense the cloak of trees

near the end of that autu...

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