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The Intruder


He has come from afar
Cold sweat and breathing
Mud sliding, misty, death-like
Breathless, walking slowly
A lake of pure silver
The mist distorts it
A box on the water, a red light
Scrutinises him, the new arrival
A thrill of horror passes through him
He looks about him, the trees do not smile
The turf is reckoning, the sky's darkening

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Events and Time


Events and Time 
I guess my feelings don’t really matter, that I don’t need anyone by my side when I’m down or upset or depressed. Don’t you know I’m just like anyone else? Though I’m different I’m just the same inside don’t you see? Do you know how hard it is to live alone and not have anyone to care for you? And when I meet someone who I thought was special, to let her in and trus...

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