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Around the shadowed corner, wicked lies,
Through telescopic lens and focussed eyes.
The autumn trees encapsulate the path
And crunch beneath the wheels they idolise.

The building crowds descend before the knoll
To catch a glimpse of this passing idol.
He, showered from all sides with the applause
And peppered from above by seasons fall.

Idyllic is this scene to which he greets,
As smiling faces line the city streets
But soon the smiles will fade in disarray
Through murderous intentions indiscreet.

The polished carriage turns the corner slow
Whilst soaking up the rapture in its flow
And then it steadies to a deathly crawl,
Allowing three their targeting to hone.

And as the open casket slows its pace
A crack of rifle fire fills the place.
But drowned by cheering crowds that do not see
The terror on the now condemned man’s face.

His wife, confused, knows not quite what to do,
Attends the man she’s loved since ‘52,
But with a further crack, the bullet falls
And splits her only love at once in two.

Her screaming filled that plaza, flecked with hate
But few were yet aware of this man’s fate,
She falls onto the metal painted black
And scrambles to retrieve her husbands’ traits.

Not two, nor three but four times they have won,
As autumn leaves fall drunk to winters sun.
The cheers begin to give way to the screams
For now they see their idol is undone.

And all the while the cowards sit up high,
Watching with sheer gladness at him die
But soon the grandest act is to begin,
As conspirators set the greatest lie.

And like a virus, this is quickly spread
As nations demand justice for their dead
But all the while his woman holds his hand
And mourns her shattered love upon the bed.

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Steve Higgins

Tue 26th Nov 2013 19:47

As this is a poetry blog we really should be discussing poetry not history but here's my view for what it's worth;
Ian, if you want to read about the JFK assassination, why not choose a classic? ‘Rush to Judgement’ by Mark Lane or ‘Six Seconds in Dallas’ by Josiah Thompson or even ‘Death of a President’ by William Manchester?
I could go on forever and pick up on various minor points that themselves alone make it unlikely that Oswald shot Kennedy like the rifle for instance; The FBI tested the weapon and found that the telescopic sight was not aligned, on further investigation they found that the sight could not be aligned at all, so they added metal shims to make the sight align. It was tested fired in an orientation not available to Oswald and they still couldn't match his shooting as MC mentions below.
Anyway, excellent poem Simon, powerful and thought provoking!

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 26th Nov 2013 15:39

IW looks to this establishment lawyer's book as his reference but almost as soon as the shock
of the original event wore off, it became
doubtful that Oswald could have acted alone,
based in so many glaring discrepancies. But if
you were a trusting 1960s American, what would you
prefer to believe - that your president was killed
by a nutter, or that powerful influential elements
wanted him dead and would use that power to cover
it up? No prizes for the answer! In the Hughes-
Wilson book just published - on the subject of
who fired, the author writes:
"Gunnery Sergeant Hancock, an ex-senior instructor at the USMC Sniper School at
Quantico - with 93 kills in Vietnam -(confirms)
"We have constructed the whole thing: angle,
range, moving target, time limit, obstacles,
everything...but we couldn't duplicate what the Warren Commission said Oswald did."
And that's one vital aspect of all that has
become known since. How about the knowledge
that LBJ ( a whisper away from the presidency)
was under investigation for matters that could
have seen him jailed - and was in line to be
dropped from JFK's ticket in the 1965 election?
Personally, I find this LONG-DISTANCE killing
completely contrary to the behaviour of lone nut/obsessives. History shows that all OTHER
presidential murders/ attempts have been CLOSE
RANGE as befits the mindset of the deranged
hate-filled individual. Another reason perhaps
to see the murder of JFK as something much more complex than one man with a rifle unfit for the job.
We may never know the complete truth but it's a
healthy sign that we are less trusting now
about the deeds and the deceit committed by those in power when they think they can "get
away with it".

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Ian Whiteley

Mon 25th Nov 2013 19:54

good poem Simon - full of telling images
as for the conspiracy theorists (and MC knows my position on this) you can read as many money making theorist books as you like - but it's like the Jack the Ripper mythos - the simplest answer is probably the one that's right - in the case of the Ripper it's most likely to have been done by a 'nobody' who died before he could decide to stop - in the case of Kennedy it's the lone gun man - read 'four days in November' by Vincent Bugliosi for a more realistic - less sensational - viewpoint (it's his account that is used in the current film 'Parkland')this highly respected and much published author states 'Oswald did it and he acted alone'

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 25th Nov 2013 16:43

JC - Interesting to read in his book - just
published: JFK- An American Coup D'Etat - Col.
John Hughes-Wilson (ex-MI6) mentions (p.137)
that on the 11th October 1963 - a month or so
before his death - JFK had (quote) "signed a crucial National Security Action Memorandum, number 263, signalling his intention to pull
1000 troops out of Vietnam by the end of the
year and eventually run down the US's commitment to Vietnam."
Col. Hughes-Wilson continues: "We now know that Kennedy was seriously considering getting
all U.S troops out of Vietnam by the end of
1965, after the presidential election. There
were only 16000 American soldiers in Vietnam at that time, so that removing over 1000
represented a significant withdrawal."

(We should remember Vietnam also represented a
significant source of revenue for certain
business/military power-brokers).

On a matter of presidential assassinations (and
attempts), I find it worth mentioning that
ONLY JFK's was effected "at long range).
ALL of the others could be called "Up close and
personal"...much more in keeping with a lone
nut and his/her obsessions. JFK's demise had
all the hallmarks of a military style organisation and planning...and the grotesque
failure by the SS and FBI to follow basic
chain of evidence procedures (even destroying
vital evidence) only adds to the suspicion
that powerful hidden forces were at work that day.

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John Coopey

Sun 24th Nov 2013 18:08

Enjoyed this, Simon (if "enjoyed" is the right word). This was one of those pivotal moments whereby everyone around at the time remembers what they were doing when they heard the news.
MC certainly details correctly the suspects and, although I'm normally no great fan of conspiracy theories, I agree that the lone gunman (Oswald) is a hard one to swallow.
What I also feel is that assassination polished his legacy. Had he lived he would have had to have perpetuated or escalated the Vietnam War (having already committed 16000 "advisers" or withdrawn in ignominious defeat (like Nixon and Ford).

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Steve Higgins

Sat 23rd Nov 2013 07:10

You've painted this tragic moment well Simon, best wishes, Steve

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Fri 22nd Nov 2013 20:44

An interesting read. I suppose we will never really know the truth.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 22nd Nov 2013 16:10

History has certainly shown that JFK had many
enemies. The failed coup against Castro and
plots to dispose of the latter: the intention
to have the FBI take over the CIA - with disastrous ramifications for the powerful
bosses of both organisations - Hoover and Dulles -
and not least, the hatred of the Mob who felt
he was hounding them via his brother (attorney
general) and failing to show respect for their
part in getting him elected. Add to these, the
Zionists who thought he had abandoned Israel...
and the powerful interests in war and oil, both
of which were set to lose huge sums as a
result of government policies, and you have
all the makings of powerful and determined
factions that saw him very much as "the enemy".
Lone nut assassin? Pigs might fly!
Their personal tragedy was the Kennedy brothers'
failure to keep their private lives free from
consorting with the likes of Marilyn Monroe whose
increasingly erratic behaviour placed all at risk
and surely led to her own tragic demise.
Shakespeare himself could not have come up with
a plot with more intrigue, betrayal, danger and

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