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Silent Poison

The silence stuns the sound,

points its finger at the hand

that feeds and drips

the poison into the breast

of the woman tightly

clasping the new-born baby

that no-one wants to own.

Turning our heads away

from the frightful and unsightly,

afraid to cross the threshold

into the fresh bold life

that could change our vision,

open our minds,

lead us into genesis.

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Gilded Cage

Time after time 
I give you another chance
to prove you still care.

You respond with 
the venomous bite
of a rattlesnake.

How much more 
poison can I take

before I am consumed 
by the same dark spirit
that possesses you?

I know I should run
far away

but I have convinced myself
of the old cliche...

better the devil you know 
than the devil you don't.

I know what to ex...

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comfort zonedarknessdevillovepassionpoisonrelationshipssoultoxic relationships

Banged Up


"My how you've grown"

Said the kindly old dear.

"Last time I held you

you burped in my ear.


The truth of the matter

I just have to say

it's been twenty long years

since they put me away.


It's a long stretch of time

which I passed saving stamps

but that's what they gave me

for killing your Gramps.


I know you're an orphan

'cause I poisoned y...

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Black HumourCrimeEvilMurderOrphanPoisonPrison

Poison Fairies

She waltzed amongst the roses,

Tiptoed upon the thorns

wrapped herself in petals,

Avoiding skin like nettles.


He was poison ivy,

Prickly like holly,

Poison berry kisses,

Cupid's arrow misses.


They wandered through the gardens

Creeping ivy binds them.

United by deadly nightshade,

Their home a fairy glade. 


Babies fed with seed pods,

Rosary pea a...

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'til all my breath is you

How have you inked

this palpitant heart?

Well, let me tell you:

Your barbs extend

long and deep and far,

far enough to pierce

skin of my resistance

with needlepoint of

your persistence.

But not only skin

deep; you refuse to

settle for what I

had to offer, deep--

you broke skin and

plunged deeper than

anyone ever did go

pierced right through

very v...

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Poisoned Well

Today I found a poisoned well,

Useless as my water pail.

No life it gives that I can tell,

Just an acrid sulfur smell.



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Deadly Nightshade

entry picture

Deadly Nightshade


touching you


kissing your neck


your heartbeat


with mine


the grey clouds

on a Tuesday

in September


their leaden















slows to

a strum



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belladonnadeadly night shadedestructive affairlieslost lovepartingpoison

What Price Freedom ?

entry picture

chemtrails, yes chemtrails
not contrails
contrails are normal
chemtrails are abnormal

we have a problem
with chemtrails obscuring
our blue skies

lethargic population drugged
through our drinking water
artificial additives corrupt what
we foolishly accept as food

we have a problem
with chemtrails obscuring
our blue skies

we don’t care about our world
it is all be...

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