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Detective Novel

There was nobody else here
the body said
without leaving any clues
like a detective novel would.

There was no cold murder
with the thrust of
a steel knife
and no silent voilence
that stung in the night.

This body lay there un-found
with a zen like silence
for long than it could remember
staring at the moon-light
the sun-light
and then the moon-light again
for four days.

There was nothing horrific
and no dreadful smell sneaking up
up past the walls
before then carrying
onto the stairs.

The body's rotting skin
was the colour of snow
and the whisper in the trees
laughed with the malice
off a dis-honest eye-witness
when it was finally found.

The body's rotting skin
was the colour of snow
as it shined through
the grey blanket
as the body was lifted
into the back of the van.

There was nobody else here
the body said
without showing any clues
like a detective novel would.

But nobody listened
and carried on wrestling
their demons in shadows
with Angels.

(This piece was performed here with wordmusic - )


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winston plowes

Wed 24th Feb 2010 10:16

Hi Andy... liked the drifting limbo of the body waiting to be collected. The snow image and the story you were telling which had start middle and end. not sure about the repetition parts. Good stuff Win

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Sun 14th Feb 2010 19:57

Very different for you Andy! An intriguing one and a little sad. The fact that a life can just pass away without even the excitement of a gory murder, unnoticed, unmissed, unimportant. An original idea which successfully makes you think...

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 14th Feb 2010 17:46

I'm glad you've posted this, Andy. I do think it is good. I hope more readers respond.

<Deleted User> (7164)

Sun 14th Feb 2010 13:50

Hi Andy, some interesting imagery in this. I don't think it needs the stanza next to the last one and to be completely honest i'd be tempted to scrap 'with angels' from the ending for greater impact.
Of course you should stick with you're own ideas, after all, you are far more educated in the art of writing poetry than i am. I just comment on what i feel. ;-)

Good theme.

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