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How Heaven

It seems that life’s a limbo so if eternity is as well,

it’s hard to not conclude that every outcome will be hell.


For everything we do, in time fades into mundane dust.

The shiny steel of bliss today each next day gains more rust.


So how can Heaven hold its awe when eons pass like days?

For golden streets walked once too oft seem normal in their ways.


There mu...

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By The Well

Twas an ordinary scene on an ordinary day,

she an ordinary woman on her ordinary way.

Doing work of little consequence, she walked to Jacob’s Well.

Could she have known that someday all would know her tale?


For as she went to fill her pot a man she noticed there,

who were he any other Jew would not have stopped to care.

But he took time and bid her, “Dip the cup and give me ...

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Time Wanes Thin

I never felt to push or shove

people toward the God of love.

It seemed that it was not my place,

“Just give them time and give them space”.


But then I came to understand,

when vision of a failing dam

appeared in revelation’s dream,

and as I dreamt I looked to see

a town that lay downstream below.


In dead of night, they did not know

that little time rema...

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Jesusgodgospelpreachingteaching the gospelspreading the gospel

Labor In The Field

Some were hired at the break of day, a price to work the field.

Then others hired each passing hour and given the same deal.


And when the eve was drawing nigh the Master with good will

looked out and saw some in the streets who yet were waiting still.


So, then he went to them and asked, "Why have ye labored not?"

They answered, "We have not been hired though labour we have...

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Jesusparablesparablegospelgospel truth

Gospel Haiku 俳句

Mass murder machine

The ultimate irony

Gospel is its name

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One Hair

I thought to change one hair tonight

from white to black, atop my head.

It seemed a try would be alright

while lying here upon my bed.


I called out to the powers that be

in all their forms amidst the sky,

but nothing changed at all for me

though I had given my best try.


I guess it’s human nature

to control the things at hand.

To try and make sure ever...

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