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You're a nice sensation when you are on my lips

I love to touch you with my fingertips

I like the feeling when you are going down

You say nothing, and you never frown


You're tall, slim and as cool as ice

When you touch my cheek it's very nice

Oh love is blind, yet I can see

You're my favourite G and T


Oh my, my, my, my G and T

How I love you ...

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Whiskey to Gin, Where have You Been?


Whiskey is the life of man

Whiskey from an old tin can



Rise her up from down bellow.

Stay away from me 'cause I'm in my sin.
Stay away from me 'cause I'm in my sin.
If this place gets raided, it's just me and my gin.
Don't try me nobody, oh, you will never win.
Don't try me nobody 'cause you will never win.
I'll fight the army, ...

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The Trade Name

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The Trade Name.


When the green fairy

kisses my lips

with sweet anise,

I take the grand wormwood path

just for jolly, wouldn’t you?



to mask her breath

of juniper.

A road

to mothers ruin.


The gas-lit fog

cloaks the backstreet

opiate dens,

where wretched

addicts lie.


Pastry faced women,

lifting ski...

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