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The Company you Keep. The Girl You Don't.

I'm not the girl you marry.


I'm the girl

you have the affair with

after you are married.

when things get



I kiss you because I want to

not because it is routine



I kiss you because I want you


I suck you because

it needs

to be sucked

not because

it's Wednesday and it's date night


that is why you seek me ou...

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Where we used to live is a Tesco now

its aisles full of shoppers


We used to bathe and do our business in the bakery

make love among the pickles


You kicked me in the nuts at the pharmacy

I fell down floored beside the pain relief shelf


I collided with your sister by the half price stand

and rebounding landed here in this disavowed Poundland


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Staple Gun Lover

The bitch is dead.

Spewing hatred from her empty eyes.

She fought back,

Skin under her broken nails,

She never suspected him.

Her beautiful lover boy.

His deathly kiss,

He pinned her to the wall,

Staple gun kisses,

Fastened her down,

Tight as a lover's arms.

She fell for his charms.

Smeared bloody lipstick stuck to his face,

Deathly bite holding its place.


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I dismantled my bed,

Couldn’t sleep on the lies,

The springs cut my honest back,

You can sleep on the floor, you utter whore.

You made me out to be a twat,

You, you, you, fucking you,

What about me ay?

I have to sleep here.

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