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Silent sounds of quiet quirky quiffs

Spent my destiny trying to find someone like you,
went through a decade worth of decaying decoys,
oing downhill with the destroyed disguise.

Spent my love on hoarding hordes of hatred,
yet just like heather hills you're calming for my mind.

And I, need to get away,
so why, keep on lying to my face. 

So this house was built by ordinary men and women,
powering through hustles while we sip on...

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The better hand eventually turns

I never made it as the number one
Every time it hits me, I sing this song
Helps remind me I'm not the only one
That you would happily, see gone

I tried to tell myself that I'm mistaken
Surely this should be, my newfound haven 
Instead I feel like I'm locked down in your basement 
Living on time that's already over-spent 

You can't say you never knew that 
I saw you as gold, 14 carat 

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angeremotional abusefor song and poetry inspirationhatredliesLost lovemanipulationrelationshipstapping into songsvictim rising

Harsh fireflies.

Sitting here 

in the dark. 

Smoking poison, 

While soaking up the night sky like lotion. 

Stars shine bright, 

like little fireflies dancing in a summer breeze. 


I wish upon upon the biggest star, 

while there’s a breeze between my shaking knees. 

I bow my head and begin to weep  


I fucked another one, 

a lifeless soul. 


Rubbing their flesh against m...

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cloudyFuck upfuckinghatehatredmindselfworthsorrow


I've been lied to, setup, used as damage control, taken advantage of. thrown through your ringer and drowned in your crocidile tears. But you never knocked me down. Your sins against me, I wear them as armor.

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In Screaming Rain(Thoughts in the rain)

Laying against the darkest wall,

Memories clogged in contorted shock,

Losing consiousness to everything in all,

Its brightest moments dashing up the clock.


The stars dissolve as the sky swiftly falls,

Balled unto the shredded grass,

A lightened match, then a blow to the flames jaw,

Water sunk in the jeans of my last.


Cladded grief material upon my wrist,

Marks ...

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contemplationhatrednaturerainSelf harmsuicide

Offend a Daily Mail reader - today!

Offend a Daily Mail reader – today!


In our miniscule existences upon this planet Earth

There’s precious few occurrences to occasion us true mirth

So listen up real loudly, those with brains and minds to spare

Who still hang on to plucking out true hope from thinnest air

Here’s the solution, if you’re open to such play

Just offend a Daily Mail reader today



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brainscancercardigansDaily Maildrinkingeyeballshatredhellhilarityholy grailJan MoirloveLucy MeadowsRichard Littlejohntolerancevomit

Hatred Junkie

Fake nostalgia spews out from your head

For a sepia England that was never there

Hatred junkie, you know

Where the blood river flows

Feel the bile at your knees


Marching bands drown out your higher brain

Blaring voices drive your soul insane

Hatred junkie, you feel

Like a cog on a wheel

Grinding so out of time – after time


God made you useless


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bloodBNPBushellEDLEnglandEnoch PowellhangoverhatredhypocrisyhypocritesLittlejohn. BNPnostalgiaoceanpityprejudicesepiawords

The Darkness

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The darkness is

creeping upon us,

eating away our souls.


It brings about

racism, hatred, murder.

It blinds us to what

we are becoming.


In the far

distance there

is a light,

a glimmer of hope.


Is it

too far away?

Is it

too late?

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This chilling loathe I bear,

I’d cut him up and boil him,

And hang his bones in my lair,

Then fuck his whore mother.

This despicable boy I hate,

I would take his eyes with spoons,

And serve them on a plate,

For one lucky homeless man.

Oh, let me count the ways,

In which I hate thee,

One, two, three,

Infinity, Infinity.

You are my mortal enem...

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bad personenemyhatehatredviolence.

Pigeons are NOT God's creatures

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Like something from a horror film
they torment me.
Beady eyes and nasty beaks
if they could speak I'm sure they'd swear at passers-by
but since they can't, their attitude reflects it all  - it's sickeningly rude how they land anywhere,
crap anywhere, don't care, fly off, only to be squashed
which in a way is even worse, the curse of the flying rats remains,

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hatredpigeonssocial commentary

Festive Fever

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It's the biggest taboo going, hard for the Average Joe to grasp
why my maudlin mood seems to be out in force
of course, I never meant it to go this far
but those Three Kings Of Orient are getting on my tits
bored out of my wits with the same old performance
every single year, the songs grate on me
and the decor makes me sick
I detest inebriated revellers, and i...

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