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I use pseudonyms 
because I like to, 
because I want to, 
because I can! 

It’s one of the few things 
I feel in total control of 
in this chaotic world. 

I like the sound 
of my pseudonyms,

they fit in with famous  
pen names like 
Eliot, Bell,
Orwell, Wilder, 
Voltaire, Vautaw... 

See, besides the obvious
can you tell 
which ones are me?

Sometimes I write

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About today

Write about your feelings, they say

they say you have a creative mind

for tonight, the lights are down and

tomorrow is the time


Yet words remain unwritten

tears, pour unsolicited

magic, musical connection

the language which we bid


Fear, it rings within our ears

they play, they laugh, they run

charismatic foolishness

the peoples’ hearts you’ve won



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The Trade Name

The Trade Name.


When the green fairy

kisses my lips

with sweet anise,

I take the grand wormwood path

just for jolly, wouldn’t you?



to mask her breath

of juniper.

A road

to mothers ruin.


The gas-lit fog

cloaks the backstreet

opiate dens,

where wretched

addicts lie.


Pastry faced women,

lifting ski...

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