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Etonian Gaslighters

But sir, it wasn’t us, it’s so unfair,

We’ve only been in power for nigh twelve years,

It was our friend le Putain, over there,

Made of the NHS such great pig’s ears.


It wasn’t Hunt spelled with a C who wrote

That pamphlet saying “Kill the NHS”,

It’s old gits, and those refugees afloat,

It’s them that’s got the UK in distress.


Oh look at that, a dead cat in th...

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Place To Be

Place To Be

The best place to be right now

Is not in Europe over Russia's issues

A pissed off nation with 7,500 nukes

Of different types and classes

As set ready to use on Putin's order

Ukraine started it after NATO grew

Right up to Russia's borders

Now they want to turn back the clock

1997 when Russia wasn't threatened

This isn't possible so they all

Sleepwalk to...

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world war 3putinmadnessnuclear weapons

You Will Pay for This

On “Victory Day”  Knee deep in blood


The arms and limbs of the dead

Climb up you

In day and night terrors.

Murdered by you











All silenced by you


Your final solution…

Like the Jews in the ghetto.

All must go


But on your death bed

“Your god” whispers


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In the Silence

The cars outside my window

Rumble to and from places

Without a care in the world


The children scream out Mehmet’s name

To come out to play

And when he does

Their little faces light up  


In Mariupol there is just silence

A bird sarcastically chirps

A dog sniffs round

But there is nothing to eat


The rumble of tanks has gone

The screams have ...

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All Putin’s Fault

All Putin’s Fault

The man cries

No more wife

No more child

No more family

No more home

No more Ukraine

No more happiness

Huge bomb craters

All Putin’s fault

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The pretty lady screams


Putin’s bombs just murdered her baby

What life will the young mum have now?

In a shattered country war death hate killing

The bastard waited decades for this


And acted not caring the cost

Of Russia’s neighbouring nation

Plus thousands of dead Russian soldiers

Let the traumatised lady be an example


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By Sixes

By Sixes

With this book we have to make a difference

The weight of worry and seriousness is huge

This has not happened before not this way

And very soon all things could happen

They try to control it but can they?

How do you control so many soldiers?

Along with the other shooters

Planes ships launchers tanks and more

Myself I've never felt this way

Except briefly in t...

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Vivid Orange



Vivid Orange

Sky black burnt like sack cloth by the fires

Endless fires vivid orange flames

Always orange as is the screams

Now invisible for they are dead

Bodies black ash blown about

Wind whipped up by the flames

Orange wind this way and that

Like the war win lose win lose

On and on till it simply ended

All dead nobody left to fight

Pull the trigger dro...

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