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Hidden Talent

We know it will kill us,

But we do it anyway.

Huddled together,

Like this.

In this place of ill repute.

The townsfolk think poorly of us.

But I am sure

Someone in here,

Has read Rimbaud.

Written poetry,

Dreamt of Dante.

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Leave the light on – lock the door

This ritual plays out each Friday

A barrier to the debauched reveller

Who slips behind the clock returning home


A curfew for the beer vampire

Who will only find a soothing bed

If father specifically invites him in

After knocking twice and shouting through the letterbox


This ancient tribal face off

Between uprigh...

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teen angstfather & sonlock-outcurfewteen rebelliondrunkaddictionconfrontation

Label On The Bottle

Label On The Bottle


The label on the bottle told me it was strong

But I drank it all night anyway

And didn’t think that I’d done wrong


It made me very happy in a lightheaded sort of way

It was deep amber in colour

And I would regret it all next day


It burned the back of my throat as a sipped the evil brew

It smelt of cinnamon and spice

And bit by bit my co...

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napowrimo2018day 25whisklybottlelabelwarning labeldrunkhabitalcoholism

I really don't know better

We like to share a bottle of wine and quaff it down with ease

Should we have another? Go on then, yes please

When we think we've had enough

And in the morning we'll be rough

We pour ourselves another glass and stuff ourselves with cheese

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the accident

party in the backseat drunk and having fun

couldnt comprehend the spinning and then i was stunned

everyone was screaming, i heard the tires squeal

when the car started flippig, i thought it was a done deal

my head hit the celing, the window in shards

abrasions on my head and thighs left me bruised and scarred

pelvis in pieces, fractures in my back

pulled out of the car and all...

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car crashdrunkinjury


The words you speak you don't mean to slur, you think you know what you're saying but it's all a blur. Missing the way things used to be, but crying at the cost of living; it's no longer free. Wanting more 'n more but you have to quit. Sadly it's your only coping skill to make you forget. You drink and you drink but now you're just sick, after four years you'd think that'd it'd click. Never does t...

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The drunk and the priest

The drunken dancer

and the temperance priest

whispering to each other

about a fiery affair of love

between the sun and moon,

and the emotional outburst

when the universe was born.

The priest he begs for

the drunk to desist,

but the drunk just mutters

obscenities under his breath

and calls for more.

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Devil's Own Luck.

You can say that I'm a little out of touch
I fell down but I can't climb back up
None of my friends give a fuck
I guess I'm shit out of luck.

If I'm not feeling blue I dont feel much
I know they'll tell me to suck it up
Moving on is just hard as fuck
I'm tired of being down on my luck.

Its like holding in the clutch
I press the gas but just rev up
Going nowhere fast my motor is fucke...

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Devils own luckdrunkcarmetaphorfuck


It's moist, in either of the sides
Some surpass the water and some would happily drown.
as for me, I prefer to drink up.

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Silenus In The Brewery Tap

Silenus In The Brewery Tap


light fights its way

across a peeling window frame

and crashes lazily

upon a dark wooden table

where a man sits

stooped by work and alcohol

so that he seems

to stare for guidance in a pint pot

that stands half consumed

while froth slides down its sides


street noise scrabbles

to overcome the slow whumpwhump of a ceiling fan


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brewerydrinkingdrunkfriday afternoongod of beerlonely

Brother can you spare a dime?

Brother Can You Spare a Dime

I got drunk in a 

a Portland bar

thirty minutes after

I had exited my

girl-friend's car,

she text

to tell me

that she had finished with me

that that that was that.

I sat drinking

and pouring tears

into my whiskey

a guy with an

English accent

joined me

we had a good time.

I bought all the drinks

as I remember.

I l...

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supping at the Silverback Inn

supping at the Silverback Inn

the glass stops halfway to its destination
and the sands of time are quicksand
as you survey the crowded saloon bar
in the gently creaking Silverback Inn

see him
the one with the paunch
I remember him
he was a bully
at school
a right hard case
look at him now
fat and old

the stained and sticky floorboards agree
whispering taunting mocking
all that...

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drinkingdrunkmean spiritedold agepubregret

The Template of my Being

Been there

Done it

Eaten it

Drunk it

Almost drowned in it

Nearly died


Praised it

Cursed it

Dodged it

Traversed it

Just you name it

I’ll have tried


Smoked it

Snorted it

Been traumatised by it

Reduced to tears by it

Laughed and cried


Run it

Walked it

Chased it

Caught it

Wished I hadn’t bothered s...

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Drunk (Spinning Wheel Blues)

Drunk (Spinning Wheel Blues)


Two o’clock

and feeling so high.

Walking on walls

and touching the floor.

Spinning wheel blues

in the back of your mind.

Knowing you can’t take



Churning stomach

in time with each spin

as the room turns over

and throws you aside.

You clutch to the bed

as though you would fall

and – somew...

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drunkroom spinningbed spinningchurning stomachtime elapsing


Came back home tired and sad.
Wrapped myself up in a plaid.
Opened a bottle of cognac.
Felt its warmth and a good smack...
Then...I was said
To be seen in that plaid
In three night clubs
And two Irish pubs.

Larisa Rzhepishevska

12th of April, 2013

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Black Ocean


Black Ocean
by, Melissa R. Mendelson
Numbness is a blessing found deep within the bottle.  It absorbs all your pain, your frustration.  Life evaporates, and you drift away.  Darkness then awakens and lashes out like a hand raised so fast and slammed down hard against the one you loved.  Oblivion slips away, and anger grows fierce, determined to stay.  Nothing mattered.  Nobo...

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The Gate

By : Ali Taha Alnobani


Yesterday she invited me to see the moon in her garden
The wind tried to prevent me
Although I was sad, I walked under the rain
The gate was full of small doors and small cats were looking at me
Their shining eyes told me the tale of my baby
One night she was looking at the moon,
But a big cat with shining eyes got her dreams broken.

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Why do chavs go in Satan's Hollow Goth/metal club and act like dickheads?                                              

Because they are dickheads up to no good.                                                                                                             

Pouring lager over people,                                                          ...

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Once-upon-a-time, a barman worshipped the Sun.

Worked nights so didn’t see much of it

but in his head he’d got stories of

the Fire God supreme,

Blaze Lord,

vanquishing monsters who'd eat out your dreams.


He called the Sun ‘Hero’,

believed it had six pairs of arms,

giant wings of flame

and the handsomest nose in the galaxy.

Made moons blush

and g...

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