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I Used To Have

I used to have a reason

to get up and fight for truth.

I used to have light in my eyes

to know I’d be with you.


I used to have a lot of things

but now all that I do -

is sit here alone, remembering home,

wishing I’d been true.


I used to have a family.

I used to have a home.

I used to have friends,

things I could call wins.

A foundation made of st...

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Coming To Grips

Sitting here thinking, another week gone.

Another small increment moved from the fire.

It feels like it does when you’re just waking up,

half grasping consciousness, half in the mire.


When you’re not quite sure if it’s real or a dream,

the one where no matter your efforts you fail.

In total frustration you claw just to move,

and in the struggle, you miss the details



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The Clock

There’s a heart that beats

and a clock that chimes.

Moments pass as they both keep time.


Opportunities lost again.

Words don’t flow from an idle pen.

Deeds don’t come from an idle hand.

Seeds won’t grow in a barren land.


Something stalks me, something’s there.

Something haunts my every prayer.


Aggravation, life slips by.

Desperation, sleepless nights.


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A Bird Now Gone

No bird remains to sing his song.

so silence pounds the whole day long.


In beat with memory of the day

I clapped to make him go away.


The fault, it clearly lies with me

the bird was what the bird should be.


Now I live knowing I was wrong…

to want to silence any song.

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