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boor (11/01/2018)

you ever wake up like 

'god damn ham rapture fucking human race legacy BULL SHIT

false hierarchal grammar Nazi 
flag waving daggerbacked BULL SHIT 

cunting fucking slicing Messiah 
gravy induced comatose BULL SHIT

bastard veined kamikaze
bullrush killdozer highway chained
information roadkill BULL SHIT

marbled-eyed lost lover
amputee hovercraft 
hook handed shakes shook

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Devil's Own Luck.

You can say that I'm a little out of touch
I fell down but I can't climb back up
None of my friends give a fuck
I guess I'm shit out of luck.

If I'm not feeling blue I dont feel much
I know they'll tell me to suck it up
Moving on is just hard as fuck
I'm tired of being down on my luck.

Its like holding in the clutch
I press the gas but just rev up
Going nowhere fast my motor is fucke...

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Devils own luckdrunkcarmetaphorfuck

Take a Penny, Leave a Scar.

I'm just a number,
Put me in the back.
One of these days,
I swear I'll fucking snap.

Always keeping it in,
Forever pushing it down.
One day I'll strike this match
And burn this place to the ground.

Empathy is a curse,
A color I wear well.
I'm sick of always wondering
How other people feel.

I don't take care of myself,
I just bury my own bone.
I'm always there for everyone
But ...

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Rough Patches



You told me cared,

I saw that you did,

Your trapped in your mind

and so I hid.

I see pain in your eyes

they are so dark for me.

I want to shine light on you

but you wont let yourself be free.

It hurts me darling ,

when there's rough patches on your skin,

because I've seen you soft,

and that feeling brought me in.

I love you.. darling


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