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I'm Sorry

Why say I'm sorry
for something in which
you had no part?

Because, shallow as those 
two words may seem...

the gesture plays 
a pivotal role in 
healing a broken heart. 

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Ive changed all the locks and the ways to my heart

Ive patched up the holes you tore all apart

Repainted the lies you captured me with

Remodeled my life from pain to pure bliss

I no longer miss you, I pity your soul

Ive worked long and hard to patch up these holes

The space is all new 

I can rent it out

This space is all mine and what Im about

Your key will not work


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Cast Aside

Cast Aside

A woman cries for now she knows

Her love is unconditional

Weeping at the empty kitchen table

One, two, three in the morning

None are awake but her

Right hand reaches out to air

She wails

“There was no choice to make!”

Yet she always knew, in some way

Either too much to handle

Or not enough

But always cast aside


Anger will not manifest

Her l...

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