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Together we go to the nuclear bunker in York.                                                               

You wear red and black how Goth.                                                                          

You’re my pipistrelle bat.                                                                                 

How special is our day out but we hav...

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Why do chavs go in Satan's Hollow Goth/metal club and act like dickheads?                                              

Because they are dickheads up to no good.                                                                                                             

Pouring lager over people,                                                          ...

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We, the generation of the damned, the lost ones,

the weird ones, the ones you stare at and misunderstand,

as a joke I say Hiroshima was good, let’s do it again!

Do you think I’m mad? I say a man is to be judged

on his actions, not on his memories, wise words for me.

Why are we like this? I have my own answers and know

I’m lucky, I have my music...

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On the barren northern moors

lies a dark lonely tower.

No one ever goes there,

not a bird sings or a rabbit jumps.

This is the place of loneliness

and of despair and foreboding.


The sky is a leaden grey and

the wind howls around the tower.

Long lost souls cry for release.

Some may be your friends of long ago

or some lo...

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