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Out the front door and into the street 

Traffic in distance The atmosphere speaks 

Swinging steel logo so rusty it creeks 


ghost train railway rumbling sky

Wobbling and stumbling drunk passes by

Parallel  bus stop the bench bare and yellow

Then out of nowhere the silhouette fellow


Like an angel he keeps me company 

Accidental art right there in front of me 


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Shadowcatshadow cat


stop throwing baseballs
for my neighbour's cat
his swing just isn't in it
and besides, I'm a little
worried for his fragility
he, being just porcelain

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catmental illnesssanxietydepression


A grey shade in the cottage shadows

a paw lick of sinuous silence

a tail flick of smoke

a pounce on time's toll


Like a smoke devil escaped the chimney

she inhabits the lounge at night

never settling

she drifts across the hearth


Like the umbral weight of her past

she settles beyond my sight

I sense only the leak

of light left by her passing


Like th...

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A slow Turtle

A slow turtle, with a heavy back.

Wanted to sprint like the dotted cat.

He was sad because he didn't know his limits,

Devastated after seeing the results of his speed per minute.


Poor turtle knew a little about himself

Grew up among cheetah, thinking he was one self.

Speed was thing where he wanted to be the best.

Without even enjoying the process itself.


He could...

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slow and fastfastslowturtlescheetahcatlifetryingbeyourselfdifferentgoalsGod





The way the lightning taunts me

makes me cower in my home

folded paper walls surround

as the rain falls on and on


Here I'm warm

with comforts near

More than enough

so safe and dear 


Still, I can't evade the storm

as it pours

it pelts

it blows

into my pillow

quiet grief

spirals from within my soul




Tuesday E...

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Evening Routine

As I look around my comfortable prison,
I see my reflection in Sony’s single glass eye.
It’s dark and lifeless as he rests,
Waiting for his ward to point,
To burst into a technicolour song and dance
For the blank eyed audiences gormless pleasure.

I tense at the approaching vibrations,
The feline padding of tiny furred feet.
Rubbing against my legs, the vindictive threat
And intentions t...

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We Never Suspected A Thing

We Never Suspected A Thing


Serial Killer

Feathers on the patio

Innocent soft eyes

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day93catkillerhaikuinnocent eyes

The Sunshine Is Ginger & White

The Sunshine Is Ginger And White


Here comes the sunshine

Not our sunshine

But the ginger and white sunshine

From across the street

The little prince

With heart markings


He sits at the window

Silently imploring entry

And when the door opens

He trots his way to the kitchen

And looks up at us

In milky expectation


He’s still a kitten

With greyin...

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napowrimo2020day29catginger & whitevisitorlodger

Honey Boy

Honey Boy was a wonderful cat.  
Honey- orange in color, 
he loved to stay home 
and play with the children, 
frolic with our beagle 
or purr on our laps.

Sometimes he stayed out late 
for nighttime romances, 
but he always came home 
eager for food and a cozy bed.  

Over the years he mellowed 
with a touch of grey here and there. 
He left on a summer night 
and never returned for...

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Charles Bukowski (Way He Writes)

Charles Bukowski

   Charles Bukowski was quite a character. Bukowski relied on experience, emotion, and imagination in his work, using direct language and violence and sexual imagery. Many people found his writing offensive. He writes with a nothing-to-lose truthfulness which makes him different from most writers. Bukowski was very much into alcohol, sex and even violence. Bukowski went to scho...

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catcharles bukowskideathlifemeaningpoempoetry

Shroedinger's Poet

It is a curse

To have a flying soul

And a cinderblock mind

To feel the call of the sky

But to be afraid of heights


I am Schrödinger's cat

Alive and dead

At the same time

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catshroedingercinderblockmindheightsalivedeadskyflying soulsoulafraid of heightsat the same timealive and dead


Wearing rubber boots

I open the door

what kind of horror will I face?

Never been to this place

but heard of the legend 

of Michi


A black feline


Who protects 

her dwelling

with her fangs and claws

Got to follow her laws

or swiftly be corrected 


She claimed this home

after living a life of abandoment

A feral

who was tired of the p...

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Becks Poem (Mistaken Identity)

I wrote this for my now fiance not long after we first started seeing each other after her love for cats (and her tongue in cheek insistance she was one) inspired me to start writing again, after maybe 5 years of not picking up a pen.  I recently proposed to her through a series of short poems taking us on a treasure hunt around Edinburgh looking for J K Rowling inspired landmarks, but that's anot...

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Wake up Midas
















Wake up Midas

it isn't your time.

Those dogs had

no right to take

you from me.

"Wake up baby!"
I'm crying,

"Wake up!"


Please don't leave

so soon.

I'm the one

that let you outside.


Wake up,

oh please wake up.

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The Last Day of Summer











You left us on
the last day of Summer.
Today is the
first day of Fall.
My tears are
falling for you.
Good bye my baby,

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When does it end?

When does it end?


The dog died

the same day as the fridge

the day the kettle element blew the power

shorting out the electrics at 98% of a program

I’d been downloading for several hours


Error followed error

error followed me

dialing 0800

thinking it was free


Calls from this number are chargeable

“SHE” said


told me to press 2

I did


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Good Morning, Good Morning

this house is awakening
it yawns and stretches its
aged bones, as last night’s ghosts scurry
home, with the copper blood running
warm through worm pricked floors

I lie,like you, while you lie,
like me, under the nights warm stink
and the claw and the purr
of the cat’s half lidded lazy gaze
as the foundations shake with each
passing race of 18 wheel freight


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The Gate

By : Ali Taha Alnobani


Yesterday she invited me to see the moon in her garden
The wind tried to prevent me
Although I was sad, I walked under the rain
The gate was full of small doors and small cats were looking at me
Their shining eyes told me the tale of my baby
One night she was looking at the moon,
But a big cat with shining eyes got her dreams broken.

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When A Cat Goes Out

When A Cat Goes Out

He’d patrol the doorway waiting

To make his break

Or he’d scratch around the threshold 

As if he could dig himself out

All he knew was out was where

He wanted to be

When the opportunity

Was right he’d bolt

When he went out that last time

Looking for whatever he craved

Then attempted to return

There was no there

There anymore

No familiar...

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Arleta LittleCatJ. Otis Powell‽ (with interrobang)When A Cat Goes Out

Five Thirty am

In the utter darkness the fine piping of birds begins another dawn.

The insistent cat pushes between my fingers and the open page.

There is a meaning in the poise of my face and pen before the page,

But the cat has no knowledge of it.


She pushes her whole black purring self across my face.

Her paws step softly on the paper.

She thrusts her head against the moving p...

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catwriting poetry





The pussycat remembers back to only yesterday

when she used to run and chase her feline friend.

But that’s just a sad memory now as she sits all alone

and remembers what had once been.

Years of fun and enjoyment ended abruptly

after the car mercilessly killed Tigger.

Now pining little Chocolate Drop

has no friend, only pain.

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painhurtdeathlossno hopecat

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