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Why do you expect so much good in other people

Why do you pray so much under every steeple

How can you be ok to be disappointed all the time

And hurt yourself with so much hope inside

You’ll never learn your lesson if you try to be blind

To The bad side of people you try to hide

And let them inside your heart again

Is it a crime to let them cause you so much pain

To the poi...

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The Marked Ones

The Marked Ones


Icicles stab like swords through my heart,

Enemies terrorize my mind,

Sanity slipping from the whole and the parts,

Time is elapsing,

Panic starts,


The dream of salvation is lost in the storm,

Ugly dark angels beg to be born,

Uncage the black beast,

Unholiest sworn,


Warriors come running from distant lands,

Strength and composure ripp...

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(‘Ask me why and I’ll spit in your eye’ - The Smiths)

Pinch the rogue flesh slipping from my jeans,
Dig each thumb and forefinger into my hand,
Scratch me with that caress and turn when I blush,
Let the fire wash over my face whilst pretending not to realise.

Leave me be even though our legs are intertwined,
Please leave me be even though our mouths talk and share,
Leave me be even thou...

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You made yourself famous

And then what did you do?

You grabbed a lead hammer with both hands

Smote the thing with all your might

Saw the pillar crumble to dust, then

Shrunk from the strobe searchlight

Danced with the lowlifes

That flanked the waste ponds

Made life

Took life

Then revelled in all your failures

Trailing ragged, bleeding

Across the frozen hinterland...

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