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Hardened Poets

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Neither cold night nor seasonal change

on the turning earth dismays or hampers them


Veterans of words hold fast in all weathers

Never retreating, ever writing victories


Impassioned by an urgent inner voice

They hold fast to their poetic purpose


Drawing strength from years, they fight on

Never dimmed or surrendering to silence.

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Hardened poetspoetryResilience

Tone Poem

Please note that this poem is pure fantasy!


Tone Poem


Oh, really, I find it so unutterably tedious

to be polite when faced with one so odious

as you. And yet, I must say

that you do, at times, take my breath away,

at least when I forget all your manifold flaws,

and the gold stashed beneath your creaky floorboards;


but I don't mean to be too unduly unkind,


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An Introduction, a glance into my soul

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I am a ShaakieraS, A mature, respectable and sophisticated woman, with a massive vocabulary and a passion for words, which borders on obsession. Strangely quiet and reserved , an introverted extrovert yet can be surprisingly witty, accommodating and very outgoing depending on the situation and of course the company. Highly intelligent and sharp-minded choosing to express myself largely through the...

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You set my sails ablaze,

How can I not feel hate?

My wings are singed, I cringe,

My throat is dry, I cry,


Why did you cause such pain?

Did you not my trust my ways?

My reflection is maimed,

The hope you did deflate,

The energy fades,

The Light of Heaven diverts away,

I guess I’ll have to wait,


The urgent message on delayed flight,

The r...

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reflectionresiliencerise from the ashesself-respectvictory




When I feel my blood boil,

            …I close my eyes.

When I feel my heart sink,

            …I close my eyes.

When I feel my spirits drain,

            …I close my eyes.

When I feel my body buckle,

            …I close my eyes.

When I feel my muscles tear,

            …I close my eyes.

When I feel my ego shatter,

            …I close my eyes.


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last out of Pandora's box (and last to die)

The sun is always there

you used to say

there behind the clouds

waiting to break through.


I hung on those words.


And now I wish you were here

so that I could show you

how outside the rain’s been falling

for longer than I remember

day after day after day

and the skies are grey and heavy

the streets run with water

the fine clothes we were so proud of


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In the Wild

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In the wild, the bonsai is an amazing sight and a moving lesson from nature. It depicts the wonder of a resilient soul.


A fond gaze
rests upon hope
A testament

of pliant supplication
stunted and weathered

each scar a witness
to fate's coarseness
its scourge did not prevail

A bent torso
flowing in the breeze
over sheer drops and crags

the dour might as old as time

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