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A Moment of Silence, Please!

The world is in chaos

Yet there is jubilation everywhere

People are gasping for air

Yet there is air around them

Their lungs refuse to accommodate any

So I watch them give it up instead

A moment of silence for the departed,please!


My eyes are glassed with suppressed tears

I turn on tv to silence my sorrows

But my grief knows no rest

The sound of children laughing...

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OUR NEW NORMAL Life during a pandemic. Already change is challenging for most. If we had a choice or I should rather say, control things would remain the same, people's thinking would never evolve, but we don't have control over anything. Change is inevitable; it is an integral part of being human. Going about our lives blissfully oblivious believing that we are the captains of our destinies, then...

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Over Corona

We've had such a long time with this Covid-19,
The greatest pandemic that there's ever been.
With huge numbers infected and some having died,
To stop this virus we have all certainly tried.

Now it seems that we may now have a solution,
As vaccines are prepared with mass distribution.
While we all had to live in this dreadful reality,
Can we at last now return to normality?

When all vac...

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Malignant Love

I can feel you,
thick in my throat,
threatening to consume me,
slithering through my mind and body,
wielding your alpha power, 
making me weak. 

I curse you, drown you, 
in sunshine and sweet elixirs,
but you refuse to leave.

I am stronger than you think.

I order you and your invisible army 
of pain, heartbreak, misery,
away from my cosmic energy. 

I did not manifest you.

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas


On the first day of Christmas

Bojo gave to me

Fear of a virus

Spreading rapidly.


On the second day of Christmas

Bojo gave to me

Two metre distance and

Fear of a virus

Spreading rapidly.


On the Third day of Christmas

Bojo gave to me

Hands, face & space,

Two metre distance and

Fear of a virus

Spreading rapidly.



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After the Pandemic

After the pandemic, 
I hope we remove our masks, 
find more reasons to smile, 
forgive faster, 
have more patience, 
keep the faith, 
help each other however we can. 

Gather more, 
hug more, 
kiss more, 
remember what we're here for, 
live, laugh, love.

I hope you find strength 
to move your mountains, 
courage to carry on, 
seize every opportunity 
to live the After now. 


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Ghost Café

Our Halloween masks reflected back
as we peer through that dusty glass
into the quiet gloom of the Ghost Café

If only the ghost waitress would take our order
‘large or small?’ she asks, well, I’m a medium
ghost chairs dragged across the ghost floor

And the clank of local steel set down
on delicately painted porcelain
bustling echoes bounce from peeling walls

People starting or resta...

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Shopping At A Safe Distance

Standing in line, besides my disinfected trolley

In the supermarket car park, under my brolly

Distance shopping, it is the new normal

Two meters apart, so serious and formal

I quickly pick groceries, for others and mine

I queue down the aisle, it's a very long line

The assistant sits safe, behind a plastic screen

Sprays and hand gel, making everything clean

I miss the old d...

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The Ghosts Of Covid-19

We see you and reach out amidst this sea of unknown faces
We watch through tears, in silence and remember familiar places
Where once the streets held smiles from many families black and white
Where music flowed through windows, well into the night
Where street lamps held the kisses of all lovers neath the moon
This chance I never got to feel being taken far too soon
Our ...

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covid-19covid19Covid- 19

First Grade Pandemic

One thing I now know for sure,
a pandemic fuels power trips and paranoia.

Takes you back to first grade when everyone, 
except your best friend, had cooties. 

Playground bullies made all the rules, 
their favorite game was keep away. 

You better listen to them, 
or you will rue the day.

You wore Halloween masks, 
through suffocating sweat.

Take it off,
no candy you get.


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Heroes In Blue

Heroes In Blue


Unprecedented times, the like never seen before

This pandemic has shaken us all to our very core

A whirlwind ripping through our cities and towns

The evil coronavirus wearing its invisible crown

It does not care if you are rich or poor

A Royal, a minister or the boy next door

No matter what age, wealth, colour or creed

Affecting us all, and with devastat...

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The New Normal

Help control the virus on our decent down the peak

Stay alert, the new normal, the keywords of the week


Anticipation grew around the map of our pathway out

confusing news filled us all with disappointing doubt


To mask or not to mask? now there lies a question

still debatable if they provide any medical protection


Return to work when able, keeping a two metre distan...

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The Tale Of The Year Twenty Twenty

The year twenty twenty, what a story to be told

When nature said enough is enough and put the world on hold

Mother Earth took a break, to revitalise, refresh and renew

Taught us all a valuable lesson, to give respect when it is due

She created the coronavirus, almost impossible to beat

The world paused for a while and considered its defeat


Is it a dream or a nightmare, becau...

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A Story of Hope

A writer yearns to tell their story, any story

that will stand the test of time

full of hardships conquered

and inspires generations with hope.


The story shall feel whimsical,

not so much with fairies dancing 

but that there is a happy ending.

The story shall have brevity,

not so much as a long weathered tale

but one that details just enough.


The story shall...

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Poems from The Lockdown

PRESS RELEASE 23rd April 2020 PRESS RELEASE 23rd April 2020

Poems from The Lockdown

Poetry anthology available Amazon and elsewhere from 18th April.2020

Every country on the planet has been affected by Coronavirus Covid-19, with many countries in Lockdown; where social distancing and self-isolation are now the new normal.   

We at, Willowdown Books, believe this anthology, and other po...

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Renee By A Thread

Audio reading:


Down the corridor, comes a scream
Was it physical pain
or the horror of finally learning
the way this game is turning
They took your clothes
gave you a gown
there was nothing to do but lay right down
Now, the machine breathes
for you
hung by a thread and leaving soon

Faint flashes behind tired eyelids

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Advertised everywhere

No chance for it to be ignored

The blaring signals and sirens

Please don't use the excuse that you're bored


The excuses and reasons don't work

Not anymore

We've endured the lies but now

You even deceived the law


You did not leave out of choice

You were removed

Lying to yourself and to others

You seem confused


The rules apply ...

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Some Distance with No Distance

Diverge from you’re doing.

for a second stray

away ignoring this,

that crag where you fill falls

feel them slip away-

the giver to that graph,

ignorance gives more,

still some distance

with no distance,


that you consider,

its callous, its false.

all the frolicking

to the long mute tune

the peril not here for you,

so still you shove peak,


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Better alone by Atile (the bread queen)

When I’m not alone 
All I do is moan
I also groan
My companions say “Oh won’t you stop!”
But my only reply is “I’m going to the shop”

When I’m alone
I can play my trombone
Without somebody screaming “I would rather you moan!”
And I don’t always have to go to the shop
I just always watch TV non-stop

Once I was alone
And I was on my phone 
And I was shown 
A warning about a...

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