(‘Ask me why and I’ll spit in your eye’ - The Smiths)

Pinch the rogue flesh slipping from my jeans,
Dig each thumb and forefinger into my hand,
Scratch me with that caress and turn when I blush,
Let the fire wash over my face whilst pretending not to realise.

Leave me be even though our legs are intertwined,
Please leave me be even though our mouths talk and share,
Leave me be even though we embrace with your lips stroking my ear,
Please leave me be even though our eyes collide.

Because I could drown in those dimples, melt from that icy smile,
Get lost in those hollow pupils; crumble in your hold,
Mould into your palm, deform beneath your body,
Be cut by your cheekbone, get tangled into the hairs on your legs,

Be swallowed by your eyes, the crashing waves of your delaying lids,
Swallowed by your eyes, you can’t whisper melodies to cure this,
By your eyes, which enchant, entrap, enthral me,
Your eyes, which could shut so I must refute, refuse, remain blind.

I close mine when we speak, restrict them when we kiss, restrain them when we touch
Because I could be swallowed by your eyes, which can’t love me,
Swallowed by your eyes, so ask them to leave me be,
By your eyes, we say ‘bye’.

You ask why.
Your eyes,
It’s your eyes,



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Alexandra Parapadakis

Thu 9th Oct 2014 19:56

Thank you for the comments guys!

<Deleted User> (12936)

Tue 7th Oct 2014 15:06

This is a gorgeous piece, and very reminiscent of bygone unrequited love!

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Andy N

Tue 7th Oct 2014 13:00

i particularly enjoyed the first two stanzas here, alexandra but an really good piece all round. would hate to try and perform this however as the language is that rich, it would tire me out! lol

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 5th Oct 2014 22:00

I get this Alexandra, but for me the middle section is a little confusing. It may be the verse breaks but for me there is a definite conflict, sorry.
As to content, the words are strong and the ending is perfect.


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