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Ashes in a Wilderness

To you, readers, I say

I am no writer -

these words

placed themselves

on my page

to tell a story


To you, writers, I cry

I am no chronicler -

these tales

spun their web

through my mind

to make a memory


To you, poets, I sing

I am no rhymer -

these lines

etched their pattern

on my paper

to form a psalm


To you, who come, I whisper


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The Interface

Books make visible the writer's soul

Which bleeds its angst by pen:

Spread thin across life's whited bowl  

A thin red stain of madeleine


Books may offer us an author's eye

That ensnares the reader within its brail

Or should writers light the reader's sky

And tear apart the shadowy veil?


Books will hold the writer's thought

And bridge the gap twixt pen and read...

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