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Streaming Relief

Saw him crying,
a friend's father died today,
what can anyone say?
--the emptiness of trying

in that, this passage
of advancing age
we all are departing,
puzzled by the parting

filled with fears,
and pent-up tears
trying to make sense,
of a tangled past-tense

memories stab
the inner core like
clawing a scab
scratched bloody,
an unwanted buddy
the only relief


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The Loss Of Those Who Haven't Died

They say hope is such a wonderful thing
Keeps us strong against anything
But be careful what you hope for
Or it will do you in.

So many times I thought I understood
Who people were, and what was good
Only to find, what's left behind
Is broken dreams.

And they say grief is a natural thing
As we get used to what's missing
And find out how to do without
What we used to need.

But the...

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broken dreamsgriefhopelosslove's tempest

Helter Skelter

Climb the steps, one by one

Feel the breeze refresh me

Hands can nearly touch the sun

Golden rays drip down around me 


Love and splendour encases my heart

With the world shining out all its glory

A brand new day, a glimmering start

New beginnings, new days, new story


Top of the slide, secure on the mat

Fluttering lungs fill up with excitement

The world whizz...

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