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Emergency Numbers

I'm making grandma's noodles with my own seasonal twist

It's hearty for the fall and with dumplings for a ball

Outside the world is spinning like a mall revolving door

But my kitty's fast asleep and safely sheltered from the storm

Two days ago they burned an empty restaurant to ashes

We all assume it's arson, we all assume they're assholes

The radio news states: 'It's a nation in...

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A Lullaby Of Loss

(Inspired by Death With Dignity, Sufjan Stevens)

Stoic and sober silence, I can feel you,
Like a blanket draped 'round me
When I'm down with flu.
Why don't you speak?
Decimated dreams, I can see you
Even in the stark bleak.
The color of coal.
When will you heal?
Whispers of floating phantoms, I can hear you,
When you hover over my cot
And sing a berceuse.
Why did you stop?
Flowers pre...

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it’s mostly sadness, overall

it’s mostly sadness overall 

though every time i turn that corner, i think of her smile.


                        i only have words for her 


though i cannot speak them so she will hear, i wish i would have said them. 



                                i love you. 


and the dirt couldn’t say it back, so silence is my gift from her. silence, and the way i still th...

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griefi love yousad poems



Dry and numb. 


Grief cannot be duplicated, though it can be felt, again and again. 

We’ll just go to sleep and never cry again. so it shall be dreamed, not wept. 

It will fade, but right now, we sleep. 


Numb and dry. 


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The Cost Of Your Hand

I awake on a bed of roses, 

Whose petals crunch like orphaned autumn leaves.

A ray of sunlight towards me approaches,

Dancing in the light are muddy speckles aplenty.


I can feel the air around me toy with my locks,

Which is as feeble as your grasp on my hand.

But I hold on

To you, this very second, this very moment.


The mere sight of you sugarcoats my disill...

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The Fear of Grief

It’s increasingly hard to be mindful
The moment’s a beauty but the future’s a minefield 
I’ve seen my parents lose theirs, grief alter their foundations
It squeezed youth’s last breaths from their necks
turned to face me and told me that I’m next. 

Sadness I can take, but it’s the loss
How can I ever push through the feeling of being robbed 
Consumed by a weakness that my parents never kn...

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The Last Goodbye

Resting his knee,
he holds his face
to bury his sobs
as she is laid to rest

We hold hands
as I gently squeeze
knowing too well 
this may be our last embrace

Feeling his warmth,
his mighty strong hands,
he held us together 
when she left this land

It’s only one slip away 
before you’re gone too soon

On the drive home, 
our last goodbye became true

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They took her exuberance and fled away

Let her sink in never ending milky way

Prancing here and there with utmost misery

She couldn't resist, merely

they are her love once again 

Only thing she can do 

Sway away from mighty grief and never go back again

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grieflove oncemiseryresist

In Memory

My cat pressed his face urgently into mine

and called a deep, throaty cry,

and I cried for the boy who never was.

A knot of grief unraveled with my tears.

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Set Adrift

It was, too soon, too quick and you were gone.
We set adrift upon the rising breeze.
To seek a place where loss did not belong.
We floated high among the swaying trees

Onward, toward, into the tempest’s gale.
The whirlwind took us beyond and away.
We cried a long collective howl and wail
Of love and loss with deep complete dismay.

But even in a raging hurricane 
There is an island eye...

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death loss friendgriefgrief poem

Al-Barr (The generous and most courteous)

entry picture

He was generous he was sweet
He fed us well, we were meat

Yet somehow as others hobbled towards his call
To feed, to fatten, to round, to fall

I saw myself getting sick and more frail
I felt death near, I felt pale

I saw the colors of existence washing away like dirt in a shower
I saw Him as he was, generous with the meat yet not generous with His power

Thus this was the cu...

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The Oak Tree

entry picture

The oak tree

Unwavering and sturdy

Tells us how to be:

Don’t break so easily

In the slightest change of wind


Climbing back through my childhood bedroom window

Landing on shards of broken glass

Crimson oozes slowly

As I pray each stab is its last

So much has shaken me since my first landing

Each step taken cuts deeper than the beginning


Looking back 


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for each life lost

a broken heart for friends,

a sadness that never goes away

but gnaws at nerves and silent moments

 the desolate times of memory cast hurt shadows

dancing on the twilight walls at the edge of your vision

a friend’s laughter that bonded like mortar holds together bricks

 those happy tears can also flow in torrents in a recolle...

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concrete poetryday 9griefhopeloseenapowrimo2020sadnesstears


Wave after wave of grief washed over me,
sadness so profound 
the world seemed desolate and forlorn,
like being exposed to the stinging rain 
and blistering wind
on wave crests at the height of a storm

Between bleak crests were moments
of consolation offered by caring friends, 
or comforting memories,
perhaps a joke to soften the pain, 
like valleys between waves 
give some respite 

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