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My daily feeling

Hi Im parker a hopeless romantic
Ive been single forever but i dont panic
I have so many goals i need to manage
So i smoke weed and go on drug binges to stay average
Because i noticed im being to passive
Why am i so alone
Is it because im always home
I try new smiles
Create new styles just for the
Lovely ladys that catch my heart
But when she see i want to be more then friends
She stops...

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Breathing Liquor

Liquor, such a licentious name,

I hear it whispered on TV,

my hair stands on end.

I move the bottles out of sight,

to negate their seductiveness.

They cry to be held or treasured.

The weakness of wine glasses,

resonating when they are washed.

They are true to their purpose at least.

I pour a scant amount,

measuring with molecular like precision.

I swig it back with...

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Have you ever felt the icecold
gales of aloneness?

I do not mean
lone lee ness
which is something altogether
different –
simperingly subjective
and even desirable
(artistically considered).

I do not mean
forsaken, forlorn,
deserted or desolate,
neglected or torn;
for those words are shallow
compared to "alone".

I mean aloneness –
some subterra...

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